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Just started.

Just started.

Just came across these forums.

Just thought I’d tell you my story. Mid 20’s, been with my girlfriend for almost 8 years.

Always been ok with my dick but wished it was a bit thicker and I kind of think my girlfriend does too. Sometimes we have to stop sex because it hurts her but she’s very tight.

Measured my dick today, girlfriend often says ‘it’s huge’ etc but after reading here about dudes with massive arm dicks, I was curious. Turns out I’m 6” in length and 4.5” girth. My dick is sometimes thicker than that during sex, it’s kinda hard to measure an erection when you’ve just rubbed it a bit.

Anyway, decided I want to get to 8 x 6. I don’t have loads of privacy but I’ll make time. I did some dry jelqs today.

I have one problem though, I have a tight foreskin. It doesn’t retract when I have an erection and won’t either if I pull it back. However, it’s not so tight that I need to get cut. It doesn’t affect sex, maybe a bit without a condom and she’s dry but that’s it. I’ve noticed I’m having to kind of pull the skin at the base of my dick back before the next jelq.

Anyway, My main thing I want is girth and do I really have to wait 2 months before I start those exercises?

Does anyone have any idea it would take my to get my my desired girth (would be happy with 7” length) and what would I have to be doing realistically?

Welcome SandyC. 8x6 is damn big, whatever you could have read - many women believe 7”x5” is the ideal length.

Right now you should do the newbie routine, or the linear routine (search for, as homework :) ). PE should loose somewhat your foreskin also.

When you’ll have some more experience with PE, you can start a routine focused on girth.

Good luck on your gains!

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