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Just Started

Just Started

Hello all!

I just started 9 days ago with the Newbie Routine. I’ve been doing a lot of research in to PE and still doing my due diligence. Thank you to everyone who shed blood, sweat, turkey necks and tears to have this forum up and going. Much appreciated.

Yeah that turkey neck is really bothering me now its ridiculous, Hahaha.

Peace out.

I think the turkey neck is going to get me, too. I already have one before I started, I just hope I don’t make it worse! Good luck man!

4/1/12 - FL 6" EL 7.5" nbp EG 6"(ms) 6.5"(base)

12/31/12 - FL 6.5" EL 8" nbp EG 6" (ms) 6.5" (base)

GOAL - FL 8"+ EL 9"+ nbp EG 6.5"(ms)

Ways to avoid the TN are pulling the ball sack skin back when stretching(if you can) and doing the testicle massage after workouts

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