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Just started

Just started

Hey guys, I just started the newbie program.. And I’d just like some feedback on a few things. Sitting on an average of 6.5 inches when I’m hard, sometimes if I’m very hard I hit 7. After I’ve done my newbie routine.. Where should my soreness be? Along the shaft.. Or in the ligaments? Also how long does it generally take before I see any results? I mean, I guess it differs between everyone and how well they are doing the routine, but can anyone give me some feedback? I’d like to reach 7.5/8 then work onto some more girth. I sit at 5 when hard on girth. Anyones feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

First of congrats on your starting stats! and welcome to Thundersplace.

You know how in the gym they say “No pain, no gain”?

The PE motto is “If it hurts DON’T DO IT!”

The other motto is “PE is a marathon, not a sprint.”

When I was a newbie, AndroNYC said to me:

Originally Posted by androNYC
Take your time, use plenty of heat, realize that PE is a practice, not a goal.
Couple of months, a year- what difference does it make? You planning on getting rid of your unit soon?

I didn’t think so. Just keep working your Penile Enhancement practice.


Some guys gain quickly, some gain more slowly.

As to soreness, I would not worry if you do not feel anything with newbie routine. And you never want to feel a BAD SORENESS.

Mine I feel in the shaft, it feels like a mild soreness.

Tell me about your newbie routine, what are you doing?

Hey thanks. Well I mostly just start off doing the hot wrap thing, but I don’t do it for 5 minutes. That seems pointless to me. So I usually do about 2-3 minutes of that. Then I go into the streches, and focus on feeling the ligs strech out.. But not in a painful way, just in a way that I can see they’re obviously being stretched. It’s kinda hard for me to stay hard during all of this, so I usually do it in sets, 1 stretch at a time (30seconds) then get myself back to 70-80% hard again, and do the next stretch. Then I move onto the jelqs. I alternate hands, and above and below grips, as well as I swap hands. I don’t normally count but I’m guessing I do about 120-150. Then ill end up doing a hot wrap for about another 2 minutes, and I’m done. Sometimes doing the jelq, I feel a small pain in my biggest vein on top of my unit, ( don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the biggest one), I’m pretty sure it’s the urethra. I think this pain is coming from just having such an intense blood flow inside of it. Afterwards, I don’t really feel sore in the ligs, but I do feel a mild soreness in the shaft, like you had said. I’m doing 2 days on and 1 day off. This was only my 2nd day today, so I’m taking tomorrow off, and ill continue to do this.. Until I’ve hit my goals. I’m really stoked to see people willing to help and make it work for everyone, I mean, I’m not unsatisfied with my unit, but I’m sitting around the average unit, and I’d like to step that up a notch. Noone just wants to be your average guy right? :P Oh yeah, I also do some kegals too, after the jeqls.

First thing is you need to be SOFT for the stretches.

Second thing is it sounds like your jelq grip is way too hard (you are squeezing too hard).

Are you hard for the jelqs? If so that is bad too, it is very dangerous to jelq hard. More like 50 to 70% hard.

There shouldn’t be any pain AT ALL when you jelq.

I’d say take several days off and rest.

Ask me more questions if this is confusing.

Nono, this makes perfect sense. I just need more guideline, hence the post in the first place. I’m not hard when I’m jelqing, but yes, I guess I have been gripping a little too hard. Thanks for the advice, ill take a day or 2 off, then come back to it with the new knowledge I’ve gained. Thanks alot.

For what it was worth, the “regular” newbie was way too much for me. Too many jelqs, too many stretches.

I did something a lot lighter at first and worked my way up. It wasn’t exactly the Linear Newbie Routine, but it was similar.

Take a look at that Linear Newbie Routine if you have not seen it:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Your starting size is really above average.

Similar to the note sta-kool said about Penile Enhancement I’ve ended up starting to approach this more as Penile Enlightenment. When you’re new to all this there’s a lot of discovery to be made. Take it easy, do one thing at a time if you need to and see how your penis reacts.

Also, remember to check up on your PI’s.

Thunders member kingpole suggests your jelqing grip should be about the same as your masturbation grip.

That might be a guideline.

I like Jawbone’s “Penile Enlightenment” idea - it really explains it well.

Awesome guys, you’ve been really helpful. Thanks alot. Ill take my time. Like you said, it’s a “marathon”


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