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Just started, some busted capillaries

Just started, some busted capillaries

Well, just started yesterday with the newbie regimen. I followed it properly, with the exception of the hot wrap warm up, which I skipped cause it’s inconvenient. This am woke up with a few red spots on the head, mostly small but one a bit larger. Am I squeezing too hard?

Should I continue the 2nd day ‘on’ before resting?

It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t look good either. Confused as to whether this is normal in the ‘just starting out’ phase. It’s getting cold here in the Massachusetts area, maybe the warm up is even more important when it’s cold?

You probably are squeezing too hard, but look on this early blood spotting as a signal of how far to push things - at least you know where your limits are for the time being.

The blood spotting should disappear in 2-3 days..:)

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Thanks Drilla!
I’ll continue, but let off a bit.

BTW, your avatar just gave me a woody.

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