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Just started PE

Just started PE

So I just started PEing about a month ago, 4-5 times a week. My starting stats were BPEL: 4.5”-4.75” EG: 4.5” and now it’s around BPEL: 5”-5.25” EG: 4.5”.
The only exercises I really do are stretches. I guess that’s why I’ve seen gains in my length, but I was wondering what exercises I could do to gain some girth. I tried jelqing but it really irritates my foreskin so I’ve stopped doing it. Are there any other exercises that I could do to increase girth? I’m pretty disappointed that I haven’t seen any gains in my girth.

Also, I forgot where I saw this, but I read an exercise where someone would hair-tie their penis and squeeze with their hands while they are 60-80% erect. Is this an exercise that is safe and effective?

“I tried jelqing but it really irritates my foreskin so I’ve stopped doing it”

Do you use lubricant? If yes, what kind? DO NOT USE SOAP!(I used and it caused glans and skin exfoliation)
If you don’t use lubricant the friction causes bruising for some people.(I had them when I was a newbie)

I use Vaseline as a lubricant.

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

I had a similar issue with my foreskin. Proper lubrication is key. I use Aveeno hand cream during the day for my stretches and vaseline at night when I jelq. Make sure to spread it over the complete shaft.

We are basically in the same situation it seems. Even light jelqs will make the top of my foreskin (where it meets the top of my penis) all tingly and painful, usually followed by a massive donut effect.
I started off with generic/cheap water- based lube I had been using for recreational purposes for a while, but that stuff caused a gargantuan donut/infection with horribly smelling fluid sweating through my foreskin and ruining about 5 pairs of underwear. No idea why, it had worked well for months before.
After that debacle, I am now using almond oil. Tried Vaseline too, but that stuff is made of petrol. Once I found out about that I threw it away. Others are using olive oil, some are mixing their own jelqing concoction from many different oils, selected by their (hopefully) positive/healing effects. A primer can be found here Lubricant Selection for PE
By the way, are you cut?
I am and I noticed the tingling/pain is right where the scars are, even though the operation was done a decade ago. I’m afraid the doc botched it and stitched everything together a little too tight. The skin started to feel really tight after gaining 2 mms in girth and my glans slowly but surely lost its glory over the years. I for one will try to stretch my foreskin before doing any girth stuff (see below).

Originally Posted by invlaznl
Also, I forgot where I saw this, but I read an exercise where someone would hair-tie their penis and squeeze with their hands while they are 60-80% erect. Is this an exercise that is safe and effective?

I am guessing you are talking about “clamping”? Then the answer is “yes, it is effective but not save.”. Even light clamping like what you describe will put a lot more strain on your unit than the jelqs you are doing right now. Resulting in more pain. Every guide I read had a big fat warning on top, saying to only do this after a couple of months of jelqing, once your tissue got used to all that stress.

Anyway, what I am doing right now is following the “length before girth” dogma. Until I reached my length goal, I’ll only do really light jelqs for EQ and skin stretching to prepare for girth gains. Maybe even give the “DMSO + iodine” treatment a spin, but that would require a visit to the doc and after that operation I really, really am hesitant.

Ah thanks for the advice guys. Yeah I wouldn’t use lubricant, maybe soap or scented hand lotion when I did try jelqing. I’ll try those different lubricants suggested.

BetterL8ThanNvr, I am cut and sometimes when I would stretch or jelq, the scarred area would feel a little sensitive and tender when I put too much pressure around the scar. I don’t know if this is normal or not but I just try to fight through it since it doesn’t really hurt too much.
And I’ve also been following the same plan, I’m trying to go for my length gains first and get used to PEing before I really seriously go for the girth.

Just an update on my current stats, I’ve been continuing my stretching routines almost daily. Nearly 4-5 times a week, for about 45-1hr and I’ve seen great gains in my flaccid length. I used to be around 3.3 inches and now I am at 3.7-3.9 inches.

Also my BPEL has grown as well, I’ve been at a constant 5.25-5.5 inches, but my girth hasn’t changed at all. This is probably because I don’t do any jelqing.
Another quick question, I want to know if the way I am measuring is correct. I measure with the ruler on the side of the shaft, pressing up against my pelvic bone. Is this the right way? Or am I supposed to be measuring from the top of the shaft because when I measure from the top its significantly smaller.

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