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Just started PE yesterday

Just started PE yesterday

Hello everyone. I have been reading the site and the newbie routine for jelqing for some time now and I did my first newbie routine last night. Everything went great and I plan on sticking to the routine for the first couple of months as recommended and then see where I am at.

I have a couple of questions:

I’m 22, 6’2 tall and about 300 pounds. I’m overweight. I have been on a diet and am losing weight. Anyway, my pubic bone has alot of fat on it and my penis does not hang at all when standing; it basically retracts. I just wanted to know if my penis will have more of a “hang” to it when I begin to lose some significant weight? Also, does penis size have anything to do with weight? I tried searching about this issue on the forum and I believe I read a thread stating that for every 30 pounds lost, you can gain approximately 1 inch to your penis length. I was just looking for some clarification or truthfulness to this.

Also, I will be having sex on Thursday night. Should I do PE before or after the sex? I did PE tonight, so tomorrow (Wed.) will be the off day.

I feel that this is a great site with wonderful information for PE. I hope that I can experience some of the gains that you guys have encountered. I have also been browsing the “Member Pics” section to see the progress, and I am really motivated now. Many of you guys are really committed to this and it shows how much time you devote. I hope I can have the same motivation on myself.


03/27/06 - NBPEL – 4in; BPEL – 6in; FL: - 3in; EG - 5.25in; FG - 4in

Yeh girls always say that skinny guys carry their weight in their penis, you will appear bigger by losing weight and maybe get bigger from having less clogged arteries also.

I would do it after for you, I don’t have any added erectile problems after PE, but some guys say they do

Thanks for the response.

03/27/06 - NBPEL – 4in; BPEL – 6in; FL: - 3in; EG - 5.25in; FG - 4in

Your penis won’t get bigger by losing weight, but it will be out more. Your NBPEL will probably get bigger, but not your BPEL.

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