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Just started PE, feeling a little pain

Started 1 Week ago, feeling a little pain

It`s been 1 week since I started PE and been doing the newbie routine 2 days on/1 off. Yesterday I started to feel a little pain in my testicles, and today the pain is still there, but smaller. It is a very slight pain so I don’t know if it is normal or not from PE. My EQ has not dicreased since I started PE but I don’t feel the harder erection that everyone talks about. I am thinking about taking a break until I feel no pain and then startover doing 1 day on/1off. What do you guys think??


By the way, my starting measures are 17cm Length and 14,5 Girth

It is the ‘blue balls’ feeling. When you get aroused and don’t ejaculate, your testicles start to ache.

Just started PE, feeling a little pain

I started the newbie routine 1 week ago.. 2 days on/1 off..

Since yesterday have been feeling a slight pain in my testicles (not constant and not strong). Today the pain is better, but I still feel it. Have no problems with EQ and my flaccid size seems a little better, but I’m still a little bit worried about this pain.. Should I stop for a week?? If yes, should I consider a 1day on/1 off routine??

Please, need some advice


Starting size 17cm lenght/ 14,5 cm girth

Don’t start multiple threads with the same question please.

Have you tried ejaculating? See if that makes the pain go way and report back.

Sry man, I’m new in the forum and did not do this on purpose.. I did ejaculate and the pain didnt go away.. But it isnt a strong pain.. Maybe tomorrow it will be gone

And also, now that I am thinking, maybe it has something to do with the last 2 nights of poor sleep I had ( bout 6 hours only) becouse of study.. I will sleep very well today and report tomorrow..

Thx for the help and sry for reposting the thread.. I didnt know how to view it so I thought it hasnt been created

When you log in, in the home page, left, there is a link : ‘My recent posts’. Check that when you can’t find you posts.

Well, today I am almost not feeling pain, it is really better, so I must have overtrained.

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