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Just started PE and some simple Q's

Just started PE and some simple Q's

Hi guys

Just joined TP and started PE about two days ago. Still yet to take measurements (I want to but just don’t seem to have a ruler lying around the house - which is unusual seeing as I’m a designer.) but have begun with this routine (sorry if I don’t know the technical terms!):

- 2-4x 30s stretches (grabbing just below the head and pulling relatively hard downwards - sometimes also using a finger/ fingers and placing it behind to have a “bar” acting against the stretch)
- 150 wet jelqs at I’d say 30-50% erect
- 2x 30s stretches

All of this is done after a shower and I use the hot water and a flannel to act as a wrap for about a minute to warm up the muscles. (QUESTION 1) Just wondering what you lot think about this? It was based around the newbie routine I saw on here. I’m planning on doing 3 days on, 1 day off.

From previous measurements of some years back and of rough estimates, I’m just over 5” erect (probably 5.25” if I were to measure with bone pressed). (QUESTION 2) From people with similar starting stats and a similar routine, what sort of gains should I be expecting to see? I’d like to get to 6” within a year. Is this possible?

(QUESTION 3) This is just a side question. Say I did gain. If I stopped PE, would I then slowly return back to my original size, or is it a permanent thing? Has anyone made any gains and then stopped PE and had their new size stay? And has anyone made gains, stopped PE and slowly reverted back to their original?

I had a lot more questions, but have unfortunately forgotten them. I’ll post them up here when they come back to me!

This place is brilliant from what I’ve seen so far, and hopefully I’ll be able to come back in a few months time and be one of the lucky guys that has made some gains.

Peace from all the way over in the UK

1.) Your routine looks a lot like most beginner routines. I’d do other stretches too, if you were trying to say that one is your only stretch.
Simple Manual Stretches Video

2.) Gains are all over the place. There’s some people here who haven’t gained much of anything in years, others who have gained a couple inches in a year. About one inch in one year is definitely within the realm of possibilities. Only way to find out is to try!

3.) If you do a consistent PE routine and stop cold turkey, you will probably lost some of your gains. Lots of people recommend weaning yourself off gradually. Search the forums for “cementing gains” for more info here, I don’t have a good thread on hand.

Hope this helps!

Well I got over an inch and it has almost been a year when I started. I did stretching and jelqing, currently I do V-stretching and jelqing :D

|||||Start: 14cm NBPEL|||||Now: 17,5cm NBPEL|||||Goal: 20cm NBPEL||||

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy.

Hey again guys

Finally got round to taking some measurements and some photos. Measurements are in my signature and will put up the photos (if I remember!) in September when I will take some more and see if I’ve reached my targets for then.

Looking forward to gaining with you all and being a part of this amazing website :)

P.s. What do you guys think of my targets for Sept? Realistic?

STATS: March '12 BPEL-5.5" NBPEL-5" EG-5" FL-2.25" FG-3.875"

Target for Sept '12 BPEL-5.75" NBPEL-5.25" EG-5.125" FL-3" FG-4"

Originally Posted by UKlad
P.s. What do you guys think of my targets for Sept? Realistic?

Extremely realistic. But people grow at different rates.

It really depends on people. Some people will gain, some won’t.

Start: 12/5/13 - 5.7" BPEL, 5.5" BPEL, 4.3" EG

Goal: 6.5" NBPEL, 7" BPEL, 5" EG

Ultimate Goal: 7" NBPEL 7.5 BPEL 6 EG

I hear that some people gain by various means, but often just temporarily. For some, just a temporary gain may be enough. What are the ways to get a temporary gain that are not too onerous, if any.


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