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Just Started Newbie Routine.Questions


Originally Posted by Desperato
No problem dude.

Erm.. I did indeed register back then.. However I only started PE on August 27. So it’s really only my 4rth week. This is my thread in which I have posted my initial measurements, ever since I started doing it properly (about 6 posts down): Finally here

If you look at my routines, I’ve only increased the intensity and added an exercise in the past 1.5 weeks. So I’m afraid we’ll both have to wait for my first results :D

I usually train at night, before going to bed. After the workout, my penis is slightly engorged for a few minutes. But not for long. Then it may shrink a bit. But the following day I can see a slightly enhanced flaccid state both in terms of length and in terms of girth (that’s nice, but it could be my brain. In any case, even if it’s only mental, it’s still positive). The important think is that the shrinkage is gone. There may be a sliiiight soreness and it’s normal not having quick erections; the penis will be a bit “tired” from exercising.

Oh I got ya. Guess we are in a similar boat. Good luck to you. One more thing. How many jelq strokes are you doing and what is the exercise you added?

Some others have answered the question better than I can

BUT when I was a newbie I had similar problems, after a week or two of practice my body got used to jelqing and responded well after that

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Originally Posted by Ramrod55
Oh I got ya. Guess we are in a similar boat. Good luck to you. One more thing. How many jelq strokes are you doing and what is the exercise you added?

Well.. I started using the exercises and suggested beginner routines from (because I remembered I had a subscription from years ago). So initially they suggest a 7-10 minute routine consisting of:

The Long Schlong: that’s stretching with a limp penis and holding for a few seconds to the front, then left, then right. Massage the penis head (and shaft) briefly between reps.
The Jelq: Standard wet jelqs. I’m trying to use a 70-80% erection. Baby oil as lube.
The Horizontal Movement: with around 70% erection OK-grip the base of the shaft to restrict blood flow. With your free hand do an OK grip at the base of the glans and slowly but tightly slide it down until it meets the other hand, then back up to the base of the glans. I repeat 3s down-3s up for about 2 min in total.

After two weeks with 2 on-1 off, I moved on to the Beginner 20-25 min routine. This meant that they suggest increased times for each exercise, but after reading around, I decided to convert these to reps. So my current routine (and the one I’m gonna stick to for another 3 weeks) is:

The Long Schlong: I’m doing 5x20sec per direction. That’s about 5 min altogether. I would like to read more on how people do their manual stretches. I lightly and briefly massage the penis head and shaft between reps, to restore circulation.
The Jelq: I’m doing 4-5s per stroke for 8 min (suggested time). That’s around 100-120 jelqs altogether. I’m considering increasing the reps (I’ll compare it to the newbie routine here), I think reps are more important than time, but it’s important that each rep is AT LEAST 3s long (that’s pretty much the consensus).
The Power Stretch: that’s the added exercise. You stretch the penis to a direction (e.g. Front), hold for 10s then do a kegel and hold for 5s. I do 4x15s per every direction (front, L-R, up-down). Briefly massage head.
The Horizontal Movement: as above, only I added a minute. So 3 min in total, but I split it in 1.5 min intervals to renew my erection. I guess this is a variation of the clamping exercises, only you clamp with your hand and not a device. I know the newbie routine doesn’t include such an exercise, but I don’t see any problems so far. We’ll see how my first results are..

As you may understand, I’m still finding my way. Oh, and I’m now doing 3 on-1 off /2 on-1 off. One concern I had was doing the Power Stretch after my Jelqs. As the PS is a length exercise, it requires a flacid penis. But after jelqing, the penis is engorged. And it’s not good to stretch it while engorged. So I talked with a couple of people and I decided to do the length first and the girth second. So my routine is thus:

Warm up (warm water and light massage)
Long Schlong
Power Stretch
Horizontal Movement
Warm down (warm water and light massage)

I would love it if more experienced people gave their opinion on this, but not many have commented on my other thread. Maybe I need to bump it. ;)

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