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Just started littte exercise + pills

Just started littte exercise + pills

Hey everybody,

I orderd some PE pills a few days ago and am going to mix that with a short basic PE routine.

Which means I decided to be a gunie pig that gets products tested on him, either way I will let you know of any gains (if any).

This is my starting size:


Grith 4.25
Length 3.5(cold weather) - 4(warm weather)

Grith 5.0
Length 5.25-5.5 (I cant seem to get it as hard as when am with a girl, so I dont know the exact measurment)

Anyhow, you can see that am on the smaller side I hope that’s going to change.

Ill let you know of any updates on how effective (if effective) those pills are.


What are the ingredients in the pills?

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You got a good girth, mate, so maybe better to concentrate on lenght first,
stretching a lot and a than a lot more and so on

Good luck mate

Hello, turbo. I agree with the above, length first. Sounds like you already got a pretty fat dick to start with, and it seems to be the opinion of most of the vets here that extensive girth work will slow down length gains. The most logical reasoning I’ve heard on this came from Bib, I think, who said, it is easier to stretch a thin cable than a fat one. Girth gains seem to come easier, or at least they do for me. Feel free to PM me anytime.

Good Luck

Hi all,

Ive found (in my very limited experience) that girth is harder to gain for me than length (1.5” in length vs only 1/4” in girth). Not too worried as girth is adequate (for now!!) at a little over 5 “. But my length needs plenty of work.

I agree with working on length first but don’t think of your dick as a wire or cable but think of it as a bag. Ex: If I just focus on length, my girth size won’t go down. It will be just as easy for him to get length gains as any one of us. That is based on the fact that he will gain because some people gain more and faster than others do. What i’m trying to say is if he doesn’t get too length gains, it’s because of his body reacting a little slower, not because of his girth.

Updates, Problem in pills I think...

LOL, Am not sure I got the right mesurment becuase I dont think I have a thick grith…

Anyway the ingredients in the pills are :

Maca Extract
L-argini Base
Ginserng Blend
Saw Palmento
Tribulus Terrestris
Muria Puama
Ginko Bibola Extract

Oh, and since the day I sent the post till now, Iv seen some effects in the week, but then I felt that I lost my sex appitite, Its like I dont feel like doing it anymore (jacking off or bien with a girl) and then when I did, I got limp pretty quickly.

I Dont know if this is an effect from the pills or what? I didnt reply to the post since a long time becuase I was on a long road trip I just got back like 3 days ago.

But I am really worried about what’s going on, I dont know if i should stop taking them or not….

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