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Just started... here are my stats... what do you think?

Just started... here are my stats... what do you think?

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I’ve been checking out this forum for a while now and think there is a great deal of information to learn and wanted to say thanks for everything so far!

I just started PE on the 1st of the month. My beginning stats are horrible. Only 6 3/8” BPEL and 4.5” girth :( I’ve determined my LOT to be at about 7:30 or so. My beginner routine is as follows: For the first 2 days I did a 5 minute hot wrap for warmup. Then I did about 10 minutes of manual stretching in all directions. I found that stretching strait down and strait down/slightly to either side gave the best pull on the ligs so I concentrated on that more than in other directions. Then I did 200 wet jelqs. On the second two days (yesterday and today) I increased that number to 300 and increased the manual stretching to about 15 minutes. Overall this routine takes me 35-40 minutes and when I’m done I feel as if I had a good workout down there.

Anyway I just wanted to get some feedback from some of you as to what you think I’m doing right/wrong - like what should I add or perhaps delete to improve my chances for gains? ULTIMATELY I’d love to get to 8” BPEL and 6” girth, but realistically my goal at this point is 7” BPEL and 5” girth. I have about 45 minutes per day at night to invest in PE. Thank you so much for any advice everyone, I really do appreciate it!

Welcome to the board!

My only advice to you would be to start slow with the exercises, and gradually increase your time and intensity over time. Injuring yourself in the beginning by going too fast and too hard will only set your PE career back.

Other than that, just keep reading, experiment with different angles when stretching, and give it some time. PE is a long-term project, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice any gains within the first month. Settle into a routine that you’re comfortable with, and evetually, the gains will come. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hi, welcome to the forum, or to delurkerhood. Is that a word? It is now.

> My beginning stats are horrible. Only 6 3/8” BPEL and 4.5” girth

Horrible? Go stand in the corner for an hour and contemplate your blessings.;) I started at 5.5” BP x 4.25”. You are already a little above average in length.

Sounds like you’re on the right track. Your routine is fine, but add in some rest days. It takes several months for your dick to condition to PE. Don’t rush into “advanced” exercises.

Thanks guys! Hobby being that we have similar beginning stats, would you mind telling me what your gains have been in what time period? Also did you start with a routine similar to mine? Was your LOT in the ballpark of 7:30? I’d just be curious to know what others with similar starting stats have achieved to help boost my confidence :)

You are almost an inch longer than where I began.

Gains vary. There are guys who make fantastic continuous progress, and others must persevere for years before seeing any increase. The question isn’t whether PE works, or what exercise program is best. The question is what is best for you, at this point in time, and that can only be determined by trial and error. To compound the mystery, what works at one time in your PE career probably won’t produce indefinitely.

I did very few workouts in the beginning. Mostly light jelqing. I had some pain after jelqing that made me wonder if I would be able to PE at all. I took long breaks between sessions. The first month I probably PE’d maybe 6-8 times. That was so long ago my memory of it is fading.

I gained 1/2” BP my first month, 1/4” the second, and 1/8” the third. Then I hit a slump. I’m presently a hair over 7” BP by 4 5/8” midshaft (5” base). Girth for me is stubborn - not an unusual story. I haven’t really attacked it in ernest yet.

November 20 will be 2 years of PE for me. I have no intention of stopping. It may take another 2-3 years, or more, for me to hit 8” BP, and I’ll probably at some point decide to focus on girth. This is a long term project. When I reach 8” I’ll want 9”. When I get my girth to 5” I’ll want 5.25”. That’s how it goes. You’ll see.

Check out Size’s PE Data Site (link at the bottom of this page) for others’ progress.


Your starting girth seems on the small side but your starting length puts you in you-lucky-bastard territory in my eyes. My starting length is 5 BPEL, YOU LUCKY BASTARD!

Anyway, welcome to the board. Jelquing will get you great girth. I like dry-jelquing better. You may want to peek into the Pumper’s Forum. Pumping alone seems to only give temporary gains but Avocet8 over there has an interesting theory of jelquing alternating with light pumping to give permanent results. If I were you, I would try for 5 EG before concentrating on length. Jelquing will give you some length anyway.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Yeah, I would’ve done a bit more research before saying your starting stats are horrible.. makes those of us who started out with/currently have less than that a bit upset. My starting stats were 5.825”x4.25” and I wouldn’t say that’s horrible, and it’s substantially less than what you’ve got.


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