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Just Started - Erection?

Just Started - Erection?

So I have absolutely JUST begun PE, my initial technique being manual V stretches. An excellent tip that I read and can now personally vouch for is that of engaging in PE immediately following (and maybe during) a hot shower. Doing so both warms you up and greatly increases your grip.

That is the good. The bad is this; I simply cannot do the stretches without getting an erection. It isn’t a full one, probably 30-50 percent but I have read that stretches whilst erect (or rather not flacid) counteracts or at least negates the stretch.

Is this true? If so, does anyone else encounter this? If so, what do you do? Am I doing this right?

I am 34 yo and in my youth had a VERY high sex drive. It has cooled some but seems to be a challenge to my PE.

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It’s just natural when you start out because you’re used to touching yourself usually being in some sort of a sexual context. Over time, you will become more accustomed to PE, and you won’t be getting erections during stretching.

You’re right though about not stretching when erect, give yourself some time to cool down, then resume the stretching. Masturbating prior to stretching may be worthwhile if it’s really becoming problematic.

If you’re just starting out, why did you choose to not just start with the newbie routine? This is a point of contention for me, it’s the best way for everyone to start, and for me, my best gains came from doing it exactly as it’s written. I’ll never understand why beginners choose to create their own routine, or try something different…

Think this is more common than you think. For most men if you are not standing over a toilet and you are handling yourself, it means its time for sex. Your brain automatically begins the process for achieving an erection like Pavlov and his slobbering dogs.

Don’t get discouraged. It will take some time in the beginning to condition yourself.

I still get hard when I am trying to wrap for hanging or traction and have to wait till it subsides to get hooked up.

Try this next time you start to get hard hold the top part of your penis in your hand and squeeze with a light pressure and look up and think about something non sexual. As you are doing this, use a light pressure and push your penis toward your body like you are trying to push your hardon back into your body, but only very lightly don’t force anything. As you are applying the light pressure and thinking non sexual thoughts you should feel your boner soften and moving toward your body back into a flaccid state.

Then you can start again. You may have to do this several times in order to get control of it.

Another suggestion is to use a numbing topical like Lidocaine to desensitize your unit while you are doing PE.

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Let the erection expand as much as possible. Wait and wait. At some point you will go flaccid. Just don’t think about it. When you are flaccid start stretching. If you have like 10-20% erection, you can stretch, it’s ok, nothing bad, except it’s not that effective. Effective but not max effective.

With time you brain will learn the difference. After 8 months of pe my brain adjusted. I can now stretch for as long as I want to without getting harder than 20-30% max. If I stop touching it I immediately go flaccid. No prob.

Something else I have noticed is that I need a little more time to be fully erect when I am having a quickie with my wife. It’s like my brain needs a minute or two to understand <<Oh, it’s not pe time, it’s the other thing.>>

Same with masturbation too.

Other than that daily morning woods and a few spontaneous wood every now and then.

That is what pe did to me. And the size increase of course.


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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

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