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Just started again

Just started again

Hey guys, I’ve just started back on the newbie routine again and I am my current stats shown in my sig. I stopped a few months ago mainly because I believe I hurt myself over doing it and since then have healed up quite a bit.. But morning erections are still a thing of the past (I almost never get them anymore, it’s weird). I have some confidence problems though it seems.. Me being a pretty big guy at 6’3” tall and 190 lbs, everything seems a bit.. Small. When I look down at my little guy, he just seems.. So small. But that’s why I’m here! Maybe it’s the fact that my girth is the same as my length (5.75” x 5.75”), I’d trade that .75” of girth for a couple inches length in a heart beat, but I’ve read that gaining length is one of the most prominent effects of PE, so maybe I could get lucky? I’ve noticed I’m limited with my penis size because of the ligament in it (I’ve stretched it out and it all of a sudden just stops stretching), so would you guys suggest I focus mainly on stretching? I feel like I’m about .5” limited or more by my ligaments alone, and if I can get that from just pure stretching, I’ll be really happy. Also one more quick question.. Do my goal stats look reachable?


Started PE: 04/12/06 BP Erect Length: 6.5" Erect Length : 5.75" Erect Girth : 5.75" Goals: 7" NBP Length 6" Girth

Make stretching your main exercise. Also adding advanced exercises to your routine after 3 months is a good idea.

Your goals look reachable, good luck :thumbs:

I would try to manual stretches as much as possible, at least 6 days a week.

Concentrate on lenght work, and If you feel so, slowly incorporate a very light hanging routine in your workout.. Hanging = fastest way to gain lenght.

Be carefull and good luck :)

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