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Just started again, a few questions

Just started again, a few questions

Hey everyone,

I just started doing PE again. I tried a few months ago but it only lasted about 1 month because I couldn’t fit it into my schedule.

My routine is a warmup in the shower.
10-15 minutes stretching (straight pulling in different directions and V-stretches) in the shower
20-30 minutes jelqing
5 minutes stretching (JAI stretches and some straight stretches)
Cool down (no warm wrap, don’t use anything either, just let my penis cool down on it’s own)

Is this a good routine?
I’m thinking of doing it 4 days on / 3days off (or maybe even 5/2). Is this too much, or should I do it 2 Days on / 1 Day off like the Newbie Routine?

Also, this time (and the time before when I attempted PE) I’m noticing these small horizontal lines on my foreskin.
Could this be due to overstretching?

Thanks. And my starting stats are below.

We always suggest the newbie routine, even cutting it a bit at the beginning.

The small lines you are speaking could be caused by stretchig if you’re pulling the skin; you should grab abou 1” under the glans, pulling the skin back. Improper jelqs could be also cause those lines.

Avoid JAI stretches, few had good gains with them, and definitevely they aren’t for beginners.

Can I suggest you think about your warm up and cool down? As a recent newbie myself I used to think it was best to skip the warm up, or have a shower instead. Personally I use a rice sock, it gets my penis very warm and malleable, it’s great for PE. I look back now and compare that to the sort of feeling I’d get after warming up in the shower, and there really is no comparison.

What I used to do, and you could do if you insist on warming up in the shower: (If privacy is an issue, you don’t have a microwave for the rice sock or whatever :) )

Get a small face cloth and soak it in a sink of very hot water, and wrap that around your unit as you shower. That makes a huge difference, but again is nothing compared to the rice sock.

As for warming down / cooling down, I’m not sure where the debate lies on that one at the moment. My mantra is again a rice sock, and keep it from turtling at all costs!

Just my 2 cents!

Stats, pre PE: BPEL 6.1" MSEG 4.5"

Ultimate Goal: BPEL 7.6" MSEG 6"

That's 1.5" both ways. Wish me luck! :D

Probably the lines are because you used too much pressure or ‘pull’ when stretching. Try easing off a little and see if they go. But if they cause a problem it would be best if you show a photo as it is rather difficult to give an opinion on just a description.

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