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Just some thoughts to calm down for me

Just some thoughts to calm down for me

I read a lot on this page and it makes me feel kinda uncomfortable to read about guys having more than 6 inches and trying to gain up to 8. I am even below all that, i get 5.5-5.75 inches and just want to reach the 6+. Why do I want that?

OK there it is. 6 inches, the “average”. So I probably am below average. BUT I read on many pages, that these measurements have been corrected downwards by newer studies in Germany to about 5.75 inches (14,5 cm) as the most measured and “arithmetic middle” size. That would mean, I AM average.

But while thinking about this, the thought slowly creeped up: “Do these 0.3-0.5 inches REALLY matter while having SEX?”

I hope you can get me an answer on this.

I started to come about this PE thing about half a year ago, and by this time in could only measure 13.5 cm (about 15.35 inches). I don’t know where this extra cm came from, but it’s there :) without me doing PE in the past. I don’t know where it came from, it could be from me having sex rather often, or if it came with my new girlfriend which is the bomb :) or from taking 1mg finasteride daily (you know, DHT blocker). Well never mind, I am very, very happy about all this. I hope I’m not being greedy now

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I think at average measurements, a little difference can mean alot. BUt do you need this extra bit, no. Theres all sorts of ways to improve sex, size is just one possibility.

It’s part of self image. Why do body builders want more muscle? Do they need it? No They want it for self esteem. Same with building a bigger cock. Do you need it? No. But it is great for self confidence, self esteem, body image, etc. So if you do it, do it for yourself.

6inch VS. 8inch

me => greedy!

I started about 4.75 and now am at 6.5 and it still looks small :(

I doubt I would be happy til I hit 8, who know maybe one day I will stop!


Congrats on any size achievements that you have made so far. I think that anyone doing PE should be doing it for yourself and not the benefit of anyone else. If those small gains would give you a self-esteem or confidence boost, go for it. If your main concern is sex, then size is not the end all be all of good sex…but confidence is a good portion, and sometimes thats what a bigger size, even if the gains are just a little, can give you.

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How old are you…your penis might still be growing naturally if you are in your 20’s. I think .5 inches can make a diffrerence during sex, the biggest being your self-confidence. Good luck.

One foot to go

chitonan, wow those are great gains. Can you tell me what routine you did? Also, it seems to me like more European guys are are into PE than American, although both are into it alot. Does anyone else feel this way? It seems like most of the devices come from Europe and I think Europeans have a culture more sex oriented than us, if thats possible.


I got most all my gains before I came to Thunder, the best advise I can give is to stick with your routine and not switch it too often, only switch every 3 month.

The routine that got me almost all my gains are simple:

20 stretching left, right, up, down and stright out
25 min jelq

This was all I did for about 8 month and I noticed gain every so often, I can feel my penis getting bigger, however the gains have slow a lot, I barely gained anything for almost 7 month now but I have to stay postive because I know it will come.

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