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Just some questions.

Just some questions.

Ok I am new to this (2 weeks) Been pumping, stretching and Jelking. Seems to be a little plumper and hangs more while flaccid.


I have been E-stimming for about 2 years. Will this in any way affect the PE results?

For those who do not know what E-stim is: It is applying electrical pulses to junk until it has an incredibly intense orgasm. Wow!

It is normally attached in such a way that there is a contact toward the head and a contact toward the base. So electrical current flows through the length of your junk, trigerring nerves that are normally triggered through physical stimulation. Much like a muscle stimulator. (Abtronic for instance)

I just want to know if anyone has any knowledge on whether or not this will help, hinder or have any difference at all on size gains through PE.

Good question. Not one I remember hearing.

I don’t see that it will cause a problem unless it has caused the ligs and tunica to toughen up in reaction but if this is mild electricity rather than the kind of stuff that people get into before they start nailing through their scrotum and using razor blades for stimulation, then I doubt it could be problematic. Even if its more or the masochistic side I don’t know that it would cause problems.

In terms of being helpful, if it increases the power of erections or causes pulsed kegels then it may be useful for penile health which is always a good thing.

I’m sure someone will come up with a better answer than that know, possibly linking to an experiment investigating the effects of electricity on the penis in rats or abdominal skin in humans. Hell I’d do the search myself but I have bandwidth considerations atm.

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Memento, so you are familiar with what E-stim is? You seem to know a bit about it. Have you ever done it or do you do it?

I do not apply the type of voltage you refer to. Nor do I use nails or razor blades. (ouch)

The roughest thing I have ever done is slam it in the door repeatedly till I came. (Just kidding) Though I have rolled it out with a rolling pin as if it were dough. But not in a painful way. (too much information - sorry)

In the E-stim community there are also people that E-stim while inside a tube and pumped up. I haven’t tried that.

I use a fairly low powered stereo amplifier, playing certain tones that my body responds to. Some frequencies don’t feel food while others make you have a long ongoing orgasm long before you ejaculate.

You are correct about if it’s wired in a certain manner you can get these involuntary power kegels.

>The roughest thing I have ever done is slam it in the door repeatedly till I came

Nope I’m not familiar with this device, I am familiar with the concept.

From what you say I doubt it would be a negative thing.

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