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Just Some Help Please

Just Some Help Please

Hello PE’ers

I haven’t started PE’ing yet as I haven’t had the time due to committments. As you can see I joined this successful forum some months ago and I have read alot of posts in what not to do and what to do, etc!

Soon I will be starting the popular Newbie Routine and will see how I get on with the jelqing and stretching.
I see alot of you have been using pumps and are having a great success rate! I would like to know what gains you can expect from these pumps, Do you gain length and girth? Or are they different settings which can be adjusted in working on a particular part? Ie: length, shaft, etc

Also what do these Cock Rings actually do? I would like your feedback!

I am sorry if these questions have been asked before but I couldn’t find any info!

Much Appreciated!

Pumps are generally used to gain girth. Most of your questions can be answered by using the search function for things like “cock rings.” If not, use Google. Welcome to the boards.

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

While some have made both length and girth gains using pumps alone (very few), I see them as an “extra benefit” and not a main PE appliance. They should be used at low vacuum (5 inches Hg or less) for relatively short times (about 10 minutes per session). They work by lowering the atmospheric pressure around your penis which allows your normal blood pressure to exert it’s maximum force on the tissue. This force is less than that achieved by jelqing, but it’s a nice “helper” to finish a session. Don’t go too high in vacuum force or for too long because that only draws fluid into the tissues. It makes for a plump looking wiener, but does nothing for gains.

Cock rings are also an adjunct. They keep the fullness in the penis after a jelq (or pumping) session, but do not create gains by themselves. Some guys swear that maintaining a plump penis after a PE workout helps with gains. Since I never used cock rings for that purpose I can’t dispute them.

Neither device is needed for gains using the Newbie Routine.

Thanks for the INFO and yes I will use the search function before I post to save you guy’s answering the same old questions!

Before messing with anything else go ahead and give the newbie routine a try. You might be one of those guys that responds well and quickly and never need to mess with anything else. Even if you are not pretty much everything else discussed here is based on the premise that you have conditioned your self with the newbie routine.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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