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Just saying hello

Just saying hello

I first found Thunders forum a few years ago and like most people, giggled at the thought of pulling on my unit to try to make it bigger. I was as skeptical as anyone usually is at first, but even though I dismissed the notion, I still kept on reading thread after thread here at Thunders and eventually convinced myself there are more success stories than failures. I gradually learned that most if not all failures are due to overworking, under working, or just plain doing it wrong.

Once I realized that jelqing seems to work for just about all the people that do it properly, I decided to try it. Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly when I first tried jelqing, but I guess “a few years ago” when I first found this forum.

I probably did say 5-10 jelq workouts and didn’t notice anything growing, however, recently I took up jelqing again (making my total “workouts” about 25 now over the 2 years) and I know for a fact my unit has got bigger. I started out at about 6.25 inches BP, since then I have gained fat and maybe that affects the BP measurement, but my unit now is about 6.75 inches BP. I have not measured girth but it is also bigger that way too.

Simply doing the jelqing last night I thought yeah, the head is definitely bigger now (as it looks when you jelq, pumped up) than it did when I first started jelqing.

So, I am an impatient guy, but now I realize I could have done those 25 workouts in 50 days, I just never put the effort in! I mean its taken 2 years to add 0.5 of an inch, but I went at such a low pace I hardly really ever jelqed!

My routine is simple - 20 minutes jelqing if I have had a break (of more than 3 days) or 10 minutes of jelqing if I did it the day before yesterday. So, I would just do 10 minutes one day, have a day off, do 10 minutes the next day, have a day off and so on. If I had 3+ days off, my jelq session would be 20 minutes, it just feels like the best way.

Also if any newbie wants my advice, although I am new to this myself sort of - when you do the jelqing you will feel if it is expanding your unit the right way, you will get pressure built up to the point where you think a bit more would be too much, but I can actually feel the expansion taking place, in a typical jelq session I might only get that feeling 3 or 4 times but I think that’s all anyone should do. Just like when you lift weight, you can do 3 sets, maybe even 4 or 5 but doing 6 and carrying on to 7, 8, 9 you are really overworking.

That’s the only advice I can give, if it feels like you’re expanding your unit and there is no pain, you’re doing it right. Guidelines can’t really be given because everyone has a different “pressure threshold” but to simply do it so much its close to painful but not painful seems the right way.

A long first post but I might as well say everything here. I wanted to join years ago when I first found this forum but registrations were closed, its a privilege to be allowed in at last.


Start date: 11/10/03 BPEL: 5.8 (5 13/16) EG:5.3 (5 6/16)

Current: 12/06/07 BPEL: 6.25 (6 4/16) EG: 5.50 (5 8/16)

Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.75 - Numero Uno Papi Chulo


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