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Just PE'd. Questions now


Just PE'd. Questions now

Ok so I just did some exercises for my first time, nothing much.

1. I didn’t get to do the hot wrap because I couldn’t sneak a hot towel into the bathroom with my parents/family around. I know this is bad. Is there anything I can do as a substitute for a hot wrap because this will be a problem every night?

2. I have a curve to the left, when stretching I pulled to the right and felt a slight pain at the base to the left. Is this a good thing or a bad thing, because it didn’t feel too good and now it’s kind of soar in that spot. (Pulling in other directions did not cause that pain). Maybe it’s because I didn’t do the hot wrap, I dunno.

3. I lost alot of pubic hairs while jelqing :P . Just thought I’d say that.

4. For kegels, do I just press on the muscle between my nuts and ass? The threads I read about doing these we’re not too clear about the process. And can I just do them while lying in bed or do I have to do them the moment I finish the other exercises?

Thanks for your help.

You can make a rice sock for heat. Just fill a sock with rice and sew it shut. Put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and sneak that in the rest room.

I would guess your dick’s not used to getting pulled in that direction so it’s sore. Try sticking to stretching in other directions for now and maybe it’ll feel more comfortable when it gets used to it. And maybe warming might also help.

3. To keep from pulling all those pubes off, maybe just shave every couple days or tweeze that spot every few weeks.

4. Kegeling can be done any time. I like to do them while at my computer at work or watching T.V. or driving long distances. Just squeeze the muscle that you use to hold your pee.
Good luck with the gains.

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Good luck with your gains man!

As far as the pubes go, I usually just shave everything off, not just in that spot. Makes it look bigger too! Lol.

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1. Try filling a glass/mug with warm water and dip your penis into it for 3-5 minutes. I am actually not using any warm-ups whatsoever and do not see any side effects from it. Warm-ups are probably to be recommended for the average person, bit not necessarily needed for everyone.

2. I had the same when started. Seemed liked by left side ligs where tighter. This went away withing days and by penis is now much straighter (or less gay :-)

3. I shave the base of my penis every week. Couldn’t stand jelqing otherwise.

4. Kegal whenever you want. On the bus, in front of TV, in class, etc

Hey you’re in the bathroom already - try running a washcloth under warm water and wrap that for a few minutes.

If anyone ask about the washcloth later; I was washing the dirt off my face.


I am also partial to using a glass filled with warm water. You may also want to consider taking a warm shower before you have a PE session, as a warm shower will also serve as a warming method.

The pain very well may be associated with the fact that you did not have a warm-up, but let’s also not forget that this was your first routine. You’ve just abused your penis in a way that it probably has ever been abused before. Take it easy and slow during this learning period, and be particularly mindful of the messages that your penis may be trying to send you, such as: Ouch, that hurts—ease back a little, okay?

As far as the hair loss goes: I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you to learn that many PEers keep their units groomed. You can shave any hair that you may have on your penis, and trim the pubic hair around your penis, if not shave it off totally.

Like new_member said, you can kegel any time and any place, and kegeling itself is nothing more than the same thing you do when you squeeze off urine mid-stream.

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Get 2 small towels, soak them in water, ring out most of the water and take them to your room. Turn an iron on to high (yes, an iron you use to iron your clothing).

Lay the first towel flat on floor, and then lay the second towel right on it. Start ironing the top towel. The top towel should be hot and you should get some steam coming off it. Now fold the towels in half so you should have 4 layers of towels. Iron the top towel. Fold the half towels into quarters, so you should have 8 layers of towel using only 2 towels. You should iron only the first 4 of towels that closest to your skin. The hotter the inner layers are the longer the towels will stay hot. Re-iron the towels to reheat.

The thicker the towel the better, because the heat is trapped within the inner layers of the towels and last much longer. I only reheat once for a 10 minute hot towel wrap. I must caution you not to get the towels too hot or you will burn your penis with the steam.

I know that this may sound confusing and it has taken me some time to write this. Give this a try because this is a great time saver.

Originally Posted by Tork
Hey you’re in the bathroom already - try running a washcloth under warm water and wrap that for a few minutes.
If anyone ask about the washcloth later; I was washing the dirt off my face.

I was wondering if anyone else picked up on the fact that he is in the bathroom. Isn’t there a towel or wash cloth in there already? And if there isn’t just take a dry one in and wet it once you’re in the bathroom. Unless of course there is no sink in there.

As far as the left side ligs, be careful when you feel pain. Slight discomfort is all you really want, not pain. If you feel the pain for a couple days you might want to take it easy stretching in that direction (as in don’t do it until it stops hurting).

Shave and pluck those pubs. It makes PE so much better.

As far as kegels, do them whenever. The muscle to want to target is illustrated in the Illustrations and Diagrams link in my signature under post #3. Also this is a very good thread explaining them.

Good luck. Hope this helps.


Thanks everyone. Good news, the pain didn’t last long. As for the hot wrap thing, I just remembered I have one of them hot/cold gel packs that might be easier to sneak in hot. I can’t use the hot water from the tap because it doesn’t get hot enough to make it worth while. I think the gel pack will do good especially since it stays hot for a long period of time.

Sounds like a good plan kingja. Just don’t nuke it too much. You don’t want to burn the goods. Good luck.


Yea, that would suck. I tried out asian567’s method though except with one towel instead of two and it worked out pretty good. The way my house is laid out, there is a perfect route from the room where we iron to the bathroom :D .

Glad to hear that it had worked for you. I thought it would be too confusing.

What if you jelq while in the shower? Is that bad. My reasons:
1. It’s already hot and I don’t do the wrap
2. You can use a little soap for lubrication (is that harmful)
3. Your already washing yourself so you don’t feel weird going to the bathroom to do stuff to yourself LOL

Also, kegels. What exactly does that do. I know it strengthens the muscle. Are kegels basically to strengthen the muscle to last longer and perhaps have better orgasms?? Or does it aid in the enlarging of your unit also?

Thanks guys

Originally Posted by hung21
2. You can use a little soap for lubrication (is that harmful)

BE CAREFUL. Some guys seems to handle it, with some brands of soap.
Others, like me, got VEEERY sore when trying. For me it was almost like the skin was completely gone at spots only after jelqing a few strokes. And it didn’t hurt or show in the shower. It started a while afterwards.

So, I would not recommend even trying using soap.


Soap (or shampoo, for that matter) in your urethra is very painful (I speak from experience I gained when I was younger and didn’t know any better). If you can use soap without getting any of it in your urethra, then soap is safe to use provided that you don’t suffer symptoms like Oden does, with your skin being rubbed raw. Some people also suffer irritation if soap is left on their skin for long periods of time, so be careful about that also.

If you do want to use soap though, I’ve heard that soaps with added moisturisers (e.g. Dove) are easier on the skin than normal soap, and perhaps they also last longer (but I don’t know about that). You might want to give those a try if you want to use soap, or if there really is nothing else available.

In all honesty, baby oil is a much better lubricant than soap or shampoo.

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