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Just not sure

Just not sure

I have been reading this forum for 2 years now.I just registered today. I started doing PE 2 years ago but never got serious with it. Then decided to get an extender and I wore that as much as possible everyday for 6 months. I stopped because I gained 0.0 Yes I gained nothing. So I just gave up on the whole PE thing. Well 3 weeks ago I made a decision to start again, but put everything into it. I started with a basic routine but am worried that I am not able to make gains.Is it possible for someone to not be able to gain any length from PEing?

Thank you in advance for any advice or comments

Is it possible, I suppose. But I think is very very rare: there has to be a technique and a combination of intentity, time of work and recover that can give results.

From: Penis Enlargement Manual
First things first. Don’t spend any money. You may choose to spend some money later on, and that is your choice, but it is not necessary to gain a larger penis. Better to learn what not to waste your money on first.

I have never owned an extender so I cannot comment on if it should have worked for you. For my money though, 6 months of newbie routine should pay off big time (it did for me!)

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We’re all different from a body chemistry/tissue point of view.

Be cautious about adopting a regimen that worked well for someone else. What may work for you, and not for him, is something totally different. You have to “feel” this stuff out; as our moderator Dino often says, “You have to listen to your cock.”

And, keep in mind that nobody gets gains at PE by doing it helter-skelter. Stick with your routine, whatever feels right to you, and do it very regularly.



Thank you for the advise. I am going to stick to a basic routine for 3 months and see were I am at then. I am hopeful that I will make some gains by then and then I will adjust my routine accordingly

Well, I have been long on a plateau and I’m not sure if I will gain ever again but I’m never gonna stop I guess.


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