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Just Joined Very Excited Thoughts on my Routine

Just Joined Very Excited Thoughts on my Routine

Hello everyone,

First off, let me start by saying I am very excited to be here.

It was pretty random that 1,000 spots got opened up again and I just wanted again to express gratitude for being let in.

Okay! Now let me just say, I am an incredibly motivated person and I also enjoy reading before I dive into things so I just wanted to let you guys in one a couple thoughts that I gathered through reading this forum and also, most importantly, share my very own routine and hopefully get some feedback!!

What I have learned from all of you..

1) Take your time and be patient: It seems that the most important thing to realize is that nothing happens overnight and patience and commitment is the ultimate way to succeed. I am 22, and I have a long time to work at this, but I also have a lot at stake (if I mess up now, I could be messed up for a while) This is why I am going to be very careful and work gradually.

2) This stuff actually works if you do it right: Everyone on the outside world seems to be skeptical. Reading the stories here, however, I am completely won over and have 100% faith that this will work. I love a challenge and this really seems right up my alley.

3) There is no perfect routine, different things work well for different people: There is a lot of information on this website!! A lot of people do different things it seems! Some love the hardware, some love hanging, some love clamping, pumping ETC. I realized the most important thing is to probably just find a routine that works well for you, by trying out many of the different options. That being said, I wanted to share my routine and get feedback from you guys! Thanks in advance!!

Here goes:

1) I have a stretcher device that I am going to wear at medium traction (600-900) for 4-8 hours a day

2) I am going to do the newbie routine every morning and every night with no days off.

I know this seems simple, but I think this is a good place to start!

A couple questions

1) As long as I am pretty gradual about increasing traction, along with frequency and intensity of jelqing, do you think it is okay not to take days off? My theory is that my body will go through sufficient tissue regeneration at night time just like it does when I work out.

2) How important do you think keeping measurements is? I have been wearing the stretcher for 1 month and I have already noticed hitting spots on my girlfriend that I didn’t hit before CRAZY!! :) ! So I was just going to do kinda a good faith thing and believe that PE is making me bigger. Thoughts? You guys seem pretty obsessed with all the measurements which is making me thing that I should too. I guess it could also have advantages when it comes to seeing what works and what doesn’t.

3) If I am not experiencing any pain or discoloration is it okay to just keep truck-in? What are some warning signs you guys look for and what are some really bad things that have happened as a result of PE?

Again, I would love comments on my routine and answers to my questions. Thanks SOOO much for inviting me into this great community! Good luck with all your gains fellas!


Thanks in advance!

A lot of members might warn you that an all-day stretching (ADS) device is a little bit too much for someone just starting out.

Then again, stretchers are one of the few PE devices proven to work in controlled scientific studies, and in those studies the devices were given to men with little or no PE experience. It would be interesting to see how things work out with you using the ADS in between newbie routine sessions.

I'm a disciple of science.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! - Read that, it has to do with signs from your dick that are telling you things. Also just go ahead and read all of the threads by Sparkyx ( IMO, very, very sensible words from a man who has been around these blocks ) He talks just about every kind of sign your dick can tell you whether it be: Turtling, red spots, feeling cold, “coiled”, fluffed out, “meaty”. Just make sure you read it. Especially what he says about EQ. Oh by the way did I mention to read what Sparkyx has to say? Links to his threads are in his signature ( such a nice fellow right? )

I would definitely recommend days off. The penis is a very focused part of your body, you can really beat the shit out of him with even light exercises everyday if you don’t let him be alone for awhile. The newbie routine incorporates a 1on 1off or 2on 1off scenario if I am correct. Especially if you want to do 2 a days. If you haven’t done PE before that will shock the shit out of your dick and you may get adverse effects. It is good to jump right into PE with all of your will behind it but only put all that effort in for the 20 - 30 minutes you are actually PEing, this way you are totally focused on your body and can adapt to it.

On with measurements, here is the deal. It is all up to you, and where you want to fit into the spectrum. Either measure every day or measure never. You are somewhere on that scale ( it only depends on you ) When it comes to measuring though, make sure you do Bone Pressed Erect Length or Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch Length ( these will give an idea of your length… obvious ) For girth measurements make sure to use a string or an actual measuring tape. For string just wrap it around your desired measuring area and then hold the spots where they meet, then stretch it out along a ruler ( simple and obvious )
Now why measure why not? Measuring lets you know if you are gaining, kind of hard to see a difference in length when it is just centimeters right? Measuring lets you know if your PE is working for you or against you, it lets you know when you need to make a change in order to get results. So measure whenever you want. Personally I measured at the start of my PE journal and haven’t measured since, I don’t really need to nor want to. I know where I started and I know about where I want to finish ( when I die ) ;)


Thanks for the insight right away! I will definitely take that into consideration and look forward to hearing what more of you have to say!

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