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Just joined, this is my story.


Just joined, this is my story.


First I would like to say thank you for having me here. I truly appreciate it. I’ve scoured the Internet looking for a solution to my size. It only made things worse the more I read and the more I searched. Brutal true hurts a lot. Bigger is better. And that’s just a fact. I even asked my doctor if there is anything I can do to increase my size and he said there was nothing to his knowledge save for losing some weight. I was disheartened.

I have to say that I am blessed because of my situation. Not with my penis, but with my life. I have a loving girlfriend of 3 years and counting and we are talking about marriage. The situation in our bed is also a blessing. One, we have only had sex with each other and no one else. So she doesn’t know how a “Big One” feels like. And most are bigger then me. Comparing lengths from this website alone has provide that. So here are my sad numbers:
FL: 2.75’
FG: 3.75’
EL: 5.25’
EG: 4.00’

Like I said, I’m very lucky that I was her first and only lover. I know that for most woman, a mans penis size is kinda down the list of things they are looking for. Yes, I know there are sex crazy woman out there, but my girlfriend isn’t one of them. BUT, I also know that just about all woman do want to experience a big penis. It’s in there genes. So I would have to be an idiot to think she hasn’t thought about what one might feel like and not craved it. Now, surprisingly, I can get my girlfriend off with vaginal stimulation just about 95% of the time. I know I have great technique and I’m very very good at oral. I’ve talked with her about the penis thing. She really doesn’t like talking about sex in general. I think it’s because of her upbringing as a Big Christian. She’s not your whole, bible thump-er, but she is very serious when it comes to church and family. Like I said, her upbringing probably suppressed a lot of things, especially sex. Now, I did manage to get it out of her and asked her if she has ever thought about what a big penis would feel like. She finally said yeah, not to my surprise. But she said that I was perfect for her. This is another moment where I count myself blessed with my situation. She loves me, and even though I have a small penis, she isn’t going to let that stop her from marrying me. I truly feel that being in love can really nullify the small stuff(no pun intended) in a relationship.

Still, I want to give her everything. I know when we have sex that she gets off, even to my expense of not getting off because I’m so exhausted getting her off. But I know she would love a bigger penis to have sex with. Even if she doesn’t. So that’s why I’m here. I want to give my girlfriend a more satisfied feeling in bed.

Just like I refused to believe there was nothing to be done about my size, I refuse to give up now once I have found the answer.
I look forward to chatting with you all, and I thank you in advance for any support you give me.

Good luck, I have recently started also. This is a very informative forum, plenty of help and inspiration at hand.

You are in a lucky situation with your girlfriend, the only thing I would suggest is not to bring up the conversation too much, she sounds happy enough already, the PE will be just for you alone.

If you keep bringing up the insecurity of your size it only makes you appear less confident, and confidence is one thing a woman might like more than a massive dong. Keep your confidence up and she’ll remain attracted to you.

Thank you, and good luck to you. I have high hopes about PE. Even if I don’t gain .1 in length or girth, I still consider myself the luckiest guy on the earth.

And your so right about not bringing it up too much. The few times I have she gets really annoyed. I’ve stopped and I’m doing my hardest to stay confident at all times.

Welcome new guys.

Leo, PE is not for her, it’s for you. Maker your dick bigger will make YOU better. Trust me on this.

Good luck.

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Nothing wrong with high hopes, just don’t think it is a quick fix. I am going with the mentality that it is a life long aim just like every other aspect of my fitness and well being.

Sounds like you two have a good thing going. She is being truthful about you being just right for her, by the way. PE will probably help make you more confident overall and as S.P. mentioned, bringing it up too much might be detrimental. I don’t like doing stealth as some members recommend, but don’t talk about it too much either.

In any case, good luck and stay safe!

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Good luck to you as well! If she’s happy you don’t have much if anything to do though, right? My bf says the same thing, but I know I’m the smallest bf he’s ever had so want to try to give him a bit more too :) .

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If your gf is a big christian then how come she is having sex with you before marriage? Good luck on your quest as well :D

Welcome! It’s a marathon, not a sprint, for gains with PE. Don’t give up, you will gain over time.

loneleo88 - Sounds like you got it made. More reason to focus on PE. Its a great thing to do. I would have to say its a huge confidence booster once you start to see gains and its even a bigger confidence booster once you see how your gains affect her.

Just stealth PE and never tell her about it. Also the less you bring up a big cock to her, the less she will think about it. Women want confident men, keep your insecurities to yourself. Trust me on this.

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Welcome lonelo88. Get a routine or make one customed to your needs. Keys to gains be consistent with your routine. Adequate rest. Gradually increase the intensity. Good luck on your journey!

I agree with Penox… If size has never been a problem with your girlfriend, I’m not sure I would ever bring it up with her… I’m just kinda thinking of the ignorance is bliss deal. Stealth PE, and don’t ever get it in your head that you are “insufficient” for her. I’m above average, but I kinda felt insufficient with my girlfriend when she mentioned that her ex was large too … for some reason I beat myself up every time we’re going at it and I wonder if I’m performing as well as he ever did… anxiety during sex sucks. Since your girlfriend is inexperienced, just remember that you’re the biggest she has ever had, and hopefully ever will have… use what you have to it’s full potential, and PE for yourself in this case… good luck with your PE!!

Thank you all. Right now, your comments are helping out more on an emotional level then anything. I really was fine about my size up until about a month ago when I started searching about the topic online. Big mistake! I got it in my head that I was insufficient and started thinking negatively about every little thing. Truly, Ignorance is bliss. Again thank you all for the comments. I guess I just needed to hear it from a few people that the negative thoughts I’m having are just me over-analyzing things and worrying about a problem that wasn’t there to begin with. When I think about it, it’s quite dumb to be fearful that my Girlfriend would leave me or cheat on me because of my size.

My advice would be that you don’t ask her about wanting to experience a larger penis again. Don’t make this about her, it’s about you. From your post she clearly loves you and is more than satisfied. Be secure in her love for you and the intimacy you enjoy. Read a lot here and start the newbie routine when ready. Stay confident and don’t ask her again. Give her your larger penis as time goes on.

Happy Growing!


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Originally Posted by Titleist
My advice would be that you don’t ask her about wanting to experience a larger penis again. Don’t make this about her, it’s about you. From your post she clearly loves you and is more than satisfied. Be secure in her love for you and the intimacy you enjoy. Read a lot here and start the newbie routine when ready. Stay confident and don’t ask her again. Give her your larger penis as time goes on.

Happy Growing!


Good post.

I’ve made the mistake of asking my wife about what she thought of my penis and if its fat enough. Well I’ve asked her about 5-6 times and she finally said to me that if I keep asking her this, then she really would start thinking if it’s fat enough for her, ever since, I haven’t asked a word. The point here being, do not bring up the penis issue, as you will re-inforce these thoughts on her brain, and she really might start questioning your size, specially when she sees that it is bothering you so much.

You have a great thing going here, as she really loves you the way you are, meaning there is no pressure and you can take your time with the PE and slowly reward her with your gains.

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