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Just joined, this is my story.


You say women all want to try a bigger penis, but that’s not really true. Not all men want to try a woman with bigger boobs, but I know women beat themselves up about that a lot. As many members have said, PE should ultimately be for yourself and your own confidence, because ultimately that’s all you’re going to gain out of it. A bigger penis won’t allow you to be better at relationships or make more money or better at playing guitar, it’s just the confidence that it can lend you that will rub off in your other everyday activities. Just remember that for every story on here about a member who brought up PE to their partner and they said they wanted more, there are multiple stories where women say they don’t care. We may tell ourselves that 90% of the time they are just trying to avoid hurting our feelings, but honestly it’s probably more like <10% of the time is there an actual problem and we’ll likely just create one by bugging her about it.

Well said TX


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