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Just jelquing to maintain gains

Just jelquing to maintain gains

I measured this morning and got 9” x 6.25”. This was after clamping the day before. I don’t want to increase the length but I’m not sure about the girth. Would just occasional jelqing be sufficient to maintain the size if I decide to not go any bigger?

You’ll have to work out your own system of maintenance through trial and error. As you work into some sort of maintenance program, track your size by measuring now and then. I’ve found that I don’t usually lose girth if I get lazy but I do lose some length. But length is very easy to get back for me.



Impressive size davesj1. What was your starting stats and routine for the gains?

I started at just under 8” in length. I haven’t put any consistent effort until about 4 months ago. I used primarily jelqing (400-600/day) with some power jelqs mixed in. With usually 2 days off a week. My girth has not changed from 6”since I measured it today. I just started clamping a week ago and wonder if this could be responsible for the extra 1/4”. I would guess all of my length gains have come from the last few months of consistent jelqing.

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