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Just Jelqing.Gains Possible

Just Jelqing.Gains Possible

Hi, this is my first post. My question is related to jelqing as the only form of PE being used.

I have been PEing for about 3 months. Recently I have began to only Jelq for my routine. I am jelqing for 15-20 minutes 5 days a week.with 2 days off. I gained .25 quickly, but I am a little frustrated by the gains I am making.

Anyway, I was wondering if some of you who have been jelqing exclusively have seen gains.

Oh, for the record I started in Oct. 07’ at 6.875” BPEL and about 5.875” in Girth and am now up to 7.25” BPEL (on a good day) and 6.125” in girth.

Those are great gains, even remarkable for only 3 mos. Keep doing what you are doing. If you hit a long plateau, introduce a new exercise. There’s an old expression here at Thunders: Fooling Your Dick. Sometimes a surprise is all you need to move further.



You’re doing good so far… keep it up! I think 15 min. is on the short-side if you started in October, try upping your routine, or add more heat.

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It doesn’t hurt to err on the side of more thorough warmups. I wouldn’t change much in your routine other than add some volume or perhaps focus on slowing each jelq down by a second or two. This may help vary the tempo mentally, and you can get a good congruence with relaxing / yogic breathing if interested.

*edit* Great gains by the way; you’d be fine if you did nothing at all and just kept right on!


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Thanks! I am certainly going to keep going.

I am currently doing a variation of Jelq’s.some are 4-6 seconds in length and some are 1-2 seconds. I also go in all directions and also add some streching here and there while in the jelqing routine.

I have not been using heat to warm up.but I usually follow my routine with a nice hot shower.

Does heat really make that much of a difference?

Yes, it does. Loosens up the tissues in the penis, making easier and more efficient to work with. Plus it reduces the chances of getting injuries.

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I gained an inch in length and near inch on girth just by jelqing for nearly a year. It can be done but I seem to be a fairly big gainer. I have a lot of inner penis and tight big ligs. Lots of dedication and a constant routine.


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