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Just introducing myself and routine

Just introducing myself and routine

Hello You can call me modest for short. I’ve jelqed for a month previously but I just started back into it again, this time with an extender. I try to wear it for 12 hours and I do about 10 mins of stretching before wearing it. I’m planning on jelqing also. Just for another 10 mins. I also plan on wearing my extender and jelqing 7 days a week. I know it sounds crazy but I’m obsessed to get results ASAP. I think PE is a good way to train yourself to be disciplined and it also has helped me therapeutically.

I take yohimbe and tribulus. I try to listen to hypnosis which is very odd because I thought it worked for a while. My dick looked like it got bigger after one day of trying it, but now it’s back to its regular size. I usually measure with my thumb an index finger because whenever I pull out the measuring tape I get nervous and get soft. I’m 5x5 which isn’t much but my girlfriend is 5’4” and she says she loves the sex. My dick hasn’t grown any yet since its been 3 days or so but I’ve taken the pills for a while which I recommend for stamina and hardness. Alright that’s all for now.


Damn, you’ve been quite the lurker here. Don’t train 7 days a week, you’ll wreck your penis. Do 2 on 1 off, less is more at the newbie stage. In fact just do the linear newbie routine without the extender, then after gains stop from the newbie routine you can use the extender again.

Also you state you’re obsessed with seeing results ASAP but then state that PE is good for discipline, a clear conflict. PE is a long process and striving for ASAP results is a good way to get yourself hurt or toughen up your tissues making further gains near impossible. Your best bet: take it slow.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Originally Posted by modestdarkness
…….10 mins of stretching before wearing it. ….

If you want to stretch at any costs, better after worn the extender IMO. You should jelq no more than 2-3 days per week if you plan wearing the extender. And wearing it more then 8 hours per day will be about a waste of time.

You’d get faster gains with the newbie routine, probably.


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