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Just had my first PE session

Just had my first PE session

Didnt go so great, I kept getting erect while trying to stretch. I kept getting too erect when jelqing and at some points it would hurt a bit. Hopefully I can polish up my technique in the future lol. How did everyone else’s first session go?

I’ve been doing it for a few months now. But, not nearly consistant enough maybe 1-2 a week. It hurt the first few times, but now I’m used to it.

I still don’t have it down.. Stretches are fine

But have no clue if I am doing jelqs right,.

It’s my second week but I have not been super regular. It’s only my fourth (possibly fifth) session

I’d venture to say at the extreme newbie stage, just doing it, and doing it regularly on a disciplined schedule is what’s most important. Give every part of you a chance to get used to something very new.

Mighty Sparrow: if you’re jelqing every night (or whatever) in a couple of weeks, you’ll start to focus on how your penis responds to differences in your jelqs, and you’ll magically start to have your own opinions on just how to jelq. Which is as it should be, it’s your penis, you’re the only one who truly knows (eventually) how it responds. Mine really seems to respond very well to lower erection levels, but everybody is different.

Anthony: are you doing a warm up first? It always seemed to help me stay loose and stretchy, and maybe served as an announcement to my brain, “hey, we’re doing something different here… this ain’t jacking-off”. 5 minutes under a steamy rice-sock, and everything seems loose and ready to go. In addition, I’d say you need time. Your natural erection reaction to simply touching your penis will eventually go away once “it” gets used to being touched for non-sexual purposes. Suffer through it for now, it’ll go away. And by suffer through it, I mean, take the time to wait for the erections to subside, don’t try forcing yourself to jelq if you’re too erect, and don’t force the stretches if you’re erect at all. This is all very new to your body, it’s natural to have to take a bit to get used to it.

cool-nutz: not to be harsh, but if all you can manage is 1 to 2 times per week, save your time and learn to play the stock market or something. :)

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