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Just got some news from my mother


Yea I’d kill to have 5.25 girth. Guys with natural girth just don’t realize how much difference it makes. Dude you’re big already.

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack

I mentioned my cousin to my mom, and kind of how much of a goofy nerd he is and what he’s up to. My mother commented, saying that she used to change his diapers and that he had the largest penis she’s ever seen on a baby. She said the thing was massive.freakish, and how anyone who changed the kids diapers had to gasp in shock when they saw the thing.

My parents told me I had a huge wiener when I was a baby. Long story short, I don’t think that means a whole lot: my starting stats were ~4.75 x 4.5”. I cannot trust my original starting statistics I entered to my log because I know I overestimated by ~0.25” because I was embarrassed.

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My mother and I share a very open relationship, when it comes to our conversations nothing has even been taboo. However, I would be messed up in the head if my mother ever said anything so twisted like ShaqAttack’s mom said. Come on, who does that?

Either way if you think about the distribution of small and large penises the odds are there was at least one well-endowed male in your family. Your mom just did you the favor of pointing out who it was.

Reading this story took me back to an awkward moment in my youth. I was around 13 years old when my mom found an empty box of Magnum XL condoms in my room. It was not my box, they were not my condoms, please do not ask me how the box wound up in my room. She called me into her room and told me she was disappointed in me because I had told her I was still a virgin yet she found an empty box of condoms in my room. I had to explain to her how they got there, she understood and we laughed about it. I was breathing a sigh of relief as I walked out of her room when she jokingly responds well I knew they weren't yours anyway, because the box said 'XL', with a smirk on her face. I had to grit my teeth and bare that one, and I was glad that was the only joked she cracked. In the end I got the last laugh, I was wearing Magnum XL before PE. Moms…:rolleyes:

really big. want the biggest.

Maybe she said that because you were 13, Sultan? :)

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

Maybe she said that because you were 13, Sultan? :)

The fact that she was right crushed me! I had no idea how large a Magnum XL was at the time, but I knew they were for the well endowed. When she cracked on me I thought to myself “hey that’s my business, what would you know?” Really though penis size was the last thing on my mind, I was so relieved she did not tell my dad, who would not have dropped the whole thing so easily. I didn’t take it too personal, though, it was just her way of taking a shot at me, that’s our relationship.

really big. want the biggest.

Well I bet every time you see your cousin now you run into the bathroom for a serious PE routine lol good motivation.


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