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Just got inspired by doing a little trick

Just got inspired by doing a little trick

While jerking off, with my penis full erect, I pushed my fat pad in and it went in about a centimeter. WOW! My dick instantly looked about a cm longer. That was inspiring. For some of you newbies, try it out.. It should prove to be a good time. :D

Shit, a cm is all you got, I can get about two inches.

Your fat pad is 2”?!



LOL. Well.. I am in relatively good shape everywhere else. Damn, 2” IS a lot.

what the hell is a fat pad?

Nice one

Highlypumped, nice trick! Keep up the good tricks.

Originally Posted by RockXP
what the hell is a fat pad?

It’s the little bit of flab you have at the base of your unit.

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

Mines an inch and I’ll be definitely heading to the gym this summer to lose it. Fucking school kept up all my time this year and really didn’t have a chance to get my activity level up.

My fat pad seems to be about an inch. I have accurate body fat measurements and have calculated I need to lose about 30lbs to get to 8-10% body fat. Anyone have any idea how much depth this will take off my fat pad, or is it very individualistic? Once of my main concerns right now is EL and flaccid hang, and the fat pad plays a decent role in this. Thanks!

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I’d say everyone is different as far as losing fat from different parts of their bodies. Many personal trainers will tell you that you cannot “spot train” certain areas of the body to remove fat from them (I.e. Doing crunches will not remove fat from your stomach). Of course I couldn’t conceive of how to “spot train” your fat pad in the first place. Anyways, I’d say get a good cardio workout and eat right and you’ll be able to lose that weight in no time (especially given the motivation to lessen that fat pad).

I haven’t read anything specifically but I think one would see a similar reduction with fat pad as with abdominal fat since they are in the same “area”. I’d focus on building muscle in the “core” of your body (leg lifts, crunches, situps, etc) since those muscles also tend to burn fat when you’re not doing anything.

Ok, sorry this turned into a “how to workout” post. I’m not sure how much reduction you’d see, but I’d say you’ll definitely see a difference - 8-10% body fat is pretty low so I’d say depending on your build you’d only have a cm or two of fat pad left at most (depending on where your body stores it’s fat).

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