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Just getting started

Just getting started

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for about a week. I’ve know about PE since I was 16, so about 6 years. I’ve never been consistent enough with PE or measuring to really know if I gained anything or not. I did try clamping just to see how it felt and enjoyed it for masturbation but wore it too long and now a vein along the right side of my penis is more prominent most all the time. So that’s my scar from going too hard and not being as careful as I should have been. Figure if I can be consistent with working out I should be able to handle a light routine. I am posting here for the first time to hopefully stay motivated and consistent and to hopefully post my results and also document what I have been doing for reference.

So you’re still a newbie poster and: welcome aboard, patrickherry! :)

Have you asked to your Doc about your vein? Is there anything to worry about? I’d say if you don’t have erection issues, all should be ok, but asking to your physican is always worth, right?

Well, of course: good luck!

Nope. The pain went away after a couple days and I guess I never thought about it as it didn’t bother me. I just know that it was caused by clamping. This was also probably 2-2 1/2 years ago when it happened and I’ve had plenty of sex since then. You’re right though I should have asked and am thinking about doing that especially if I start to have any pain with the newbie routine etc. Thanks. Oh and it’s Patrick Henry haha.

Hah. Sleeping time :) .

Have started the newbie routine (or as close to it as possible) since last Friday or so. Pretty sore from stretching yesterday probably take an extra day off. Have been able to feel a good stretch. I will try to pay attention to PI’s and not overdue it. I will possibly make weekly posts to stay motivated.

Been taking it easy following the routine unless I feel extra sore. I noticed I feel tighter stretching to the right so I’ve been stretching down and to the right mostly. Up till now I’ve been doing the routine all at once. I might try separating the jelqing and stretching to different parts of the day and see if that helps. I’ll make sure to measure a couple weeks from now to see if a month or so made any difference.

Been trying to adhere to the less is more approach and I think it’s helping. I have been noticing harder erections and my penis looks bigger while having sex with my partner. I measured 7inch BP but I might of been pushing against the bone more. It could of also been I was harder than when I measured previously. I will check again whenever I have a good hard on. Before I started I measured at 6.5 bp. So I will stay with the light routine and update whenever I get around to it.

0.5” difference? There has to be some (even minimal) gains, IMO, not just a matter of pushing harder.

Keep pulling.

Hey sup, virgin post!

It seems in the videos the guy pulls quiet hard when he does stretching - do you pull till you can’t bear the pain

Or what!

And when Jelqing - should I squeeze my grip hard cause I feel that’s legit

Or should I wait till a wk is past or something to, I’ve just started

Hi there, thought I’d jump in here, seeing as how I’m new to this, can’t acutely say I’ve done PE yet, but I’m going to hop up to it tomorrow, wondering if there were any suggestions b4 I start blindly.

Not ‘b4’, please, ‘before’.

You can start the newbie routine, but never do PE blindly :) .

I’ve been reading chronostone’s log and I see that he takes BPFSL measurements like everyday. I plan to take them on a weekly basis or so as they’re easier to get than wondering about if I have a hard enough erection that it won’t be a consistent BPEL measurement. I tried to pull just as hard as I do for stretching. I’ll probably take a measurement before a routine next time instead of having to warm up just for a measurement to be safe. So I’m 7 3/8’s BPFSL as of today.

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