Just Getting back on the Board

Hey guys, I’m just coming back after a long break, I lost a lot of weight when basketball started back up at my school and I lost my fat pad and experienced thicker and firmer erections. I have now been out of basketball for 4 months and I have gained 30 pounds. I now weigh 230 lbs. I’m not fat though, I am 6’ 6” so I don’t show the weight as much. I am also back up to smoking a pack a day. Newayz, I have noticed my fat pad increasing, harder to get erections, execpt when girlfriend gets in the mood to try different things, and it seems my my girth has decreased. I figured I would come back to the forum because after just a couple weeks you start to notice a healthier penis.

Don’t smoke
And Eat Right

These have been my downfalls the last 4 months.