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Just General Chat, need my 20 post

Just General Chat, need my 20 post

I kinda feel like a tool writing pointless post, but the FAQ’s and other post answer a lot if not all of my questions so I’m trying not to start a thread asking a question or questions that haven’t been asked AND answered a million times already. I probably would be more of a lurker if I didn’t need the 20 post to access other parts of the site that I would like to use.

I liked reading about the LOT theory as well I saw that it pretty much as two sides though, a side that’s for it and a side that seems to be somewhat strongly against it. I kinda just skimmed through it enough to find my own LOT ( 11-12 )

I did some half hearted routines before, nothing too serious, I would microwave a cup of water and drop a washcloth in it and rest it on me for a warm up, then stretch up, down, side to side for 30 seconds and do 3 sets, then I would do like 50 - 100 slow power jelqs (kleg, squeeze and slide) I was always happy with results like 3 weeks in but I would always stop pretty much because I was lazy, but this time I’m going to give a serious routine a full year and see what type of results I can get, if my half hearted attempts are any indicator I should be where I want to be in a year or so.

I also want to start hanging, I have a lot of free time now where I don’t have to worry about a roommate, mom or girlfriend walking through the door while I have weights tied to my shlong. I’m probably going to make Bib’s hanger and start out slow because I’ve never done it before.

Also anyone seeing good results while using Propecia/finastercide? I know DHT is vital in the growth stage when you’re a kid, but I’m 26 now most of my natural growing is done.

OK I’m done talking, if you want to rant about something even if it’s way off topic go ahead so I can respond w/o flooding the board just so I can get 20 post.

Get to your 20th post by responding in other threads. Also when you start a thread which isn’t appropriate for the newbie forum, post it anyway. A moderator will move it to the appropriate forum for you.

The only thing the 20 posts deal is stopping you from doing is opening new threads in forums besides the Newbie and uploading an avatar. That’s it, no secret hidden exercises will magically appear when you make your 20th post.

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Oh, sorry about that. What was happening was when I first signed up it kept telling me I had to login to view some stuff and I couldn’t watch the videos. After I posted this last night I started to see the other forums, I must have misread the FAQ because I was assuming this was happening because I didn’t have 20 post.

Sorry about that.


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