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Just found out my gf's experience with size


Originally Posted by deadeye3200
Wang, your ability to stereotype and entire gender is amazingly simplistic. When you see women in bars, and clubs, and you see that they are promiscuous. Can’t you concede that maybe it’s not all women. But in fact the women that go to bars perhaps.

Last night my woman was out with her g/f and I get a little freaked out about it. She’s a stunner and I’m insecure, but I’m working on it. But should I really? What the hell does she need to go out to singles bars for anyway? She went Thursday night too. Unfortunately she lives in Germany and I live in the United States, so I can’t do a thing except try to lower my insecurities.

Originally Posted by deadeye3200
Your just hurting yourself with your view of women. The ironic thing is, when you meet a good one, you have already decided in your mind that she is shit. So actually you would find it virtually impossible for you to get a good one. Because a nice decent women wouldn’t have anything to do with such a narrow minded person as yourself.

I agree. The unfortunate part is, I have always been the other guy! I can’t tell you how many women have cheated on their husbands and boyfriends with me. I never slept with a married woman, but could have. In fact I will be staying with a friend on Sunday and Monday night, and his wife has made it very clear she wants to f*k me. I’m already stressed over this. A few months ago I was dating a woman that had a long-term committed b/f. He bought her a new AMG Benz, and she used to go to dinner with him, and then tell him she has a headache so she could drive over and spend the night with me. I’m ruined for f*king life over this kind of b/s. If I met a good woman that didn’t give me reason to distrust, I would be fine. I had a 7 year relationship where we completely trusted each other, but there was no passion. Now I have tons of passion and no trust. Women like your sister are very rare, I can’t seem to find them in S. FL, but I also don’t go to church. Maybe I should.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
As someone who has long asserted that most pussy can accomodate more size than many guys would care to realize.
Many women say shit just to tug our chain

Naturally if they can pass a baby through, they can put any dick in there. But I think the baby hurts them and it is certainly not pleasurable giving birth, and so it’s feasible that a big dick could hurt them too.

My g/f has a size 2 waist. She is very slender and has very little body fat. She is around 5’8” tall however, and would enjoy a little more I think, but when you start getting into the 8s, I think it’s too large for this particular girl. My opinion is something like a 7.5 x 5.5 would be perfect for her. Not out of the realm for me to achieve through PE within the year.

I had a g/f once that I could not get my dick into at all. We had to break up. No joke, she had the smallest, tightest pussy I ever saw. I couldn’t deal with it. This girl needed a very small penis to accommodate. Granted, these girls are not the norm, but that is how I like ‘em, slender and/or athletic.

I’m sorry to hear that you keep getting cheated on Wang. Maybe it’s those long distances relationships. They tend to lend themselves to cheating.

When I was young I use to be very jealous, it was crippling. But to my knowledge I’ve never had anyone cheat on me. So maybe I just haven’t been there and can’t relate.

You just have to be careful with those assumptions. I know I do it as well. And no telling how many lonely hot women I passed up because I assumed they had men lined up around the corner.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

DE - You may have misread my post. As far as I know I have never been cheated on.

Deadeye, no disrespect but i doubt your sister will tell you about one night stands, we all think very highly of our sisters but we also do not have them under 24 hours surveillance.

My sister isn’t friendly enough. If you met her you would think she hated you. It would take one hell of a confident smooth talkin MF’er. I couldn’t do it, if I met her I’d think she hates me as well. There is this “really cut” teacher at the school she works at. And the stories she tells, and how they enter act. The guy never had a chance in hell.

I thought when you said you were always the other guy. That meant you were cheated on. But in fact it meat you were always the guy that slept with another guys girlfriend or wife.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We all want our g/f or wifey to be an expert in “the way of the slut” but only for us. That’s the problem.

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So true mbuc, so very true.

A friend of mine tried to step over the line. And do the swinging thing. Needless to say he is in the process of getting a divorce. With his wife he has a 4 year old. And he just got his girlfriend pregnant!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hey Shadow!

Just want to add my 2 cents.

When we say be careful as a newbie, it’s not just how long you PE or how many times….ITS THE INTENSITY!

When you PE, you are generating abnormally high pressures inside your penis. This is what causes changes. If you take your time, SLOWLY over a period of time (weeks at least) increase the forces you are using, you greatly decrease your chance of injury.

Blood vessels are particularly susceptible to injury. Nerves can also be damaged.

How do you know how much force to use? Unless you are using weights or a pump with a gauge…you must go by feel.

A couple good rules to go by are as follows;

it should be comfortable, never more than slightly uncomfortable. Personally, I believe it should feel at least a little pleasurable. I believe this keeps it within a safe zone, while still allowing progress.

More IS NOT better! Many of us have gotten great results with a 10-15 minute routine,that was enjoyable to do.

Proper PE results in harder, more frequent erections. If you find you are getting less nite and morning wood, or if you find an decrease in quality or quantity of erections….you are overdoing it!

Give yourself time to begin to see how you respond to different exercises, and pressures. Take several weeks with moderate to low forces and let your more vulnerable tissues (blood vessels and nerves) begin to condition and toughen up. After they have had time to adapt, you can then slowly increase pressure and see where you get your best response. Once again, I personally believe it should NEVER be more than a little uncomfortable, preferably at least a little pleasant.

If you follow these guidelines and set your mind to at least a year commitment, I think you will be glad you did.

It is FAR better to approach this as a long term process, and do it safely…than try and rush it and end up with a permanent injury.

Best of luck,

Sorry for going off on a tangent, I was a little disturbed by my g/fs behaviour recently. Anyway, I’m a newbie too and wanted to ask a similar question. When I jelq my penis is at about 50-80% erect, but then within a few minutes it drops to 10-20%. If I watch porn or get excited about it, it goes to 100%. I can’t seem to maintain that middle-ground. So I find myself at 10-20% most of the time which ends up not being a jelq but more like a stretch. Does anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions?

I had that problem for AGES, but you get used to it. It shouldn’t matter too much if you have to stop and start the exercises while waiting for the correct hardness. Just keep practicing, stroke yourself in a nice way while you perform the jelq if you can, that will sort out you losing the erection, but try not to go over 60% erection while you are still beginning!

Good Luck


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