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Just did my first routine session tonight

Just did my first routine session tonight

So I just successfully completed my first night of the newbie linear routine. When I jelqed, I was confused as to whether or not I should push foreskin back between switching grips. I don’t have too much foreskin but I was still curious, do you guys pull foreskin back before switching grips or do you just continue without retracting it? Also I used some aveeno lotion, which I wasn’t sure about. Should lotion be avoided for use as a lubricant or is it fine?

Hi sofabug,

I can’t help with the foreskin thing, but I tend to jelq 50 strokes with one hand then fifty with the other, so you could try that with holding the skin back. As for the aveeno lotion it should be fine, but I use coconut oil, for one it’s natural, and two my girlfriend loves the taste of it, that’s a win. :)

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The lotion should not be a problem. You can even use others like moisturizer of hands elbows etc.

Welcome sofabug! I use astroglide when jelqing. It is water based so only a small amount will do, when it starts to loose effectiveness, rejuvenate it with a dab of water.

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Welcome to the brotherhood sofabug!

When I wet jelq I let my foreskin be over the head thru my jelq session.. and it working great for me. I get a great pump after. I don’t think the difference matters if you jelq with the forskin retracted or not!

I use olive oil.. cheap and nice :-)

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Thanks for the help fellas!

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