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Just curious

Just curious

I am considering doing PE, most likely just jelqing and seeing how it goes, I’ve lurked in the forums for about 2 months taking in vital information and reading from external sources.
I constantly come across people that suddenly scream ‘NO!’ on forums when PE is mentioned, and see them to only do damage. Obviously I know that damage will only occur when you go over your limits and such.

A site that I found interesting was…nt-does-it-work , as I was curious whether this had any valid points (I believe the pills section).

What do you guys think?…nt-does-it-work

That article was posted many times before. I don’t see what newbies who come here finds interesting in it, since it says about nothing but backing up preconceived notions with zero references or studies.

Fair enough, I just see it now and then when I research ‘bad effects in PE’ or ‘Does PE work’.

Even though I know it works after researching the fundamentals of PE, but like to try and see the other side of the coin, which is getting harder and harder with their lack of, as you said, references.

I think it might be just for the incompetent underage teens who get to that stage where they ‘MUST’ increase their size.

Being doubious or skeptic is good; it is actually somewhat encouraged on this board, since most of mods and the mighty T himself are skeptics at the worst stage. I think you can have a better picture of PE, its risks and benefits and the odds that it will work, reading around here posts submitted by members, for the simple fact that the anectodal information is overwhelming where if you ask to a Doctor he basically knows nothing about PE - he never heard at med school PE was effective, so it can’t be, period.

We have an injury forum, threads started by good gainers, other started by hard gainers or no gainers, etc. etc.. Everything is spontaneous and no one is trying to sell or hiding anything. Sure there is a spread bias that PE works here, but everything taken into account, I think here you have more matter to make a honest opinion than everwhere else.

Will PE work on you? You can’t know if you don’t make a serious attempt, sacrificing your time. Maybe it will be well worth, maybe not. Only you can say.

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