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Just Curious -Motion of the ocean


Just Curious -Motion of the ocean

What do most men do in bed

Do most men go at it (sex , passion makin love , what ever you want to call it )
Fast (like in adult movies )
Fast with deep thrusting

Slow with the penis inserted and slight movement inside your partner

Or medium

Just curious

Currently 12.8cm erect

Hoping to get to 15 maybe 16cm

I do whatever feels rite If my wife feels horny and so do I, we bang it like pornstars.all out fucking. If not, then a longer drawn out sex session.making love rather than all out fucking. Hope that makes sense

Changing it up, varying the speed and angle and such, really drives the wife wild. Even if I’m in a pound-it-home mood, I know that I won’t really get her moaning if I stick to straight ahead fast fucking. But change it up when she’s not expecting it, slow it right down with an overexagerated grind, and she climbs the walls.

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When you guys are pounding away how long do you last .Surely it can’t be more than a few minutes like maybe 3 - 5 mins

Currently 12.8cm erect

Hoping to get to 15 maybe 16cm

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Originally Posted by Moc
When you guys are pounding away how long do you last .Surely it can’t be more than a few minutes like maybe 3 - 5 mins

All out pounding about 10-15mins, sometimes more

Takin it slow and steady, 90mins+

Changing the speed/intensity, 30mins+

Including foreplay, 60mins+ easily

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I can see more kegal and edging to do heheheh

Currently 12.8cm erect

Hoping to get to 15 maybe 16cm

I like to mix up my pacing. Women’s tastes certainly vary: some prefer brain-rattling pounding, while others like gentle sexing.

I have noticed that my sensitivity gradually subsides as intercourse goes on. At the end of 30+ minutes of reasonably hard fucking, therefore, it actually requires a great deal of effort to orgasm — whereas if I just started banging a women, with no foreplay or anything, and my goal was to cum as fast as possible, I could probably do so in a couple of minutes.

I find for many girls if you go with a pace it’s good to stick with it, too much changing of fast to slow and back too suddenly can make it tough for them to get into it and cum. At least in my experience, and of course all women are different.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I agree with Redwood — but don’t stick with the same pace (& position) for, say, 40 minutes, or she’ll fall asleep!! :)

My last girlfriend and I would do this. I would take a few mins and go at it how I wanted then I would let her get on top and move it the way she wanted, then I would let her rest while I whent at it. Just do what feels right. Believe me if your not doing something right they will tell you about it. Or leave you. HEhheh

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Ignoring external forces, the ocean’s surface defines a geopotential surface or geoid, where the gravitational force is directly towards the centre of the Earth and there is no net lateral force and hence no flow of water.

Now consider the effect of added external, massive bodies such as the Moon and Sun. These massive bodies have strong gravitational fields that diminish with distance in space. It is the spatial differences in these fields that deform the geoid shape. This deformation has a fixed orientation relative to the influencing body and the rotation of the Earth relative to this shape drives the tides around. Gravitational forces follow the inverse-square law (force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance), but tidal forces are inversely proportional to the cube of the distance. The Sun’s gravitational pull on Earth is 179 times bigger than the Moon’s, but because of its much greater distance, the Sun’s tidal effect is smaller than the Moon’s (about 46% as strong).

Since the Earth’s crust is solid, it moves with everything inside as one whole, as defined by the average force on it. For a geoid shape this average force equal to the force on its centre. The water at the surface is free to move following forces on its particles. It is the difference between the forces at the Earth’s centre and surface which determine the effective tidal force.

Hope this helps.


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It definitely depends on the mood. And variety is important.

I once knew a girl who said, “Fast is good; slow is even better.” I agree, though, again, variety is important and mood is a factor. But I really like to take my time and tease a woman into intense orgasms.

I’ve noticed that I’m most interested in the fast, aggressive sex when I’ve been drinking a bit. The same has been true for some of the women I’ve been with. When I have been drinking a bit, I can go at it quite furiously for a fairly long time, and I usually have to work to cum.

Hahaha, yeah, drunken sex is the best, in my opinion. For some reason I have much more energy and sexual desire when drunk — and it’s not because of lack of inhibitions, because this is even the case with girls I’ve been doing for years (and therefore have no inhibitions with).

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