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Just bought Cable clamps!

Just bought Cable clamps!

Well, today i just bought some cable clamps but i’m not sure if i should start clamping yet. first i’ll go over my routine.

1. 5-7 min. warmup.
2. 30 wet jelqs.
3. stretching in all directions up down left right for 15 secs. X2.
4. 70 wet jelqs.
5. 5 min. warm down.

Now first of all i’ve been PE’ing for about 3 weeks. not so consistent the first two weeks but the last week every day. my main concern is, is it to soon to start clamping? is my routine ok and if it needs modification what would one suggest. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Wait a good 3 months into your routine before beginning clamping, your penis will thank you.

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In my opinion, clamping is for more advanced pe’ers. I didn’t start doing them ‘till I had been upping my number of jelqs for 2 to 3 months. Your number of a total of 100 jelqs would indicate to me you haven’t conditioned the CC well or long enough to start clamping. I was up to doing 600 before I started clamping. Also, I started wiht a series of manual “holds”. These are like 10 second clamps, clamping with your hand. I’d work my way up to ten ten second holds. Of course I’m not a doctor, and this is just my opinion. 100 jelqs is really not much. Build up the number of these. You will get results. Remember, we’re not powerlifting here. Patience and being steadfast is the way to sure gains.

Wait until you have got everything out of jelqing that you can. When your girth gains slow to a crawl, then start clamping. Starting too soon will just toughen your tunica up to the point where gains will be hard to get by any gentler methods. The risk of clamping if you are only doing a hudred jelqs is not worth it either.

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