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Just Beginning

Just Beginning

I am about to read the newbie manual after this, but just thought I’d get this out of the way and introduce myself.

I am 19, and I had my first sexual experience 2 new years a little over 1 1/2 years ago. I haven’t done any exact measurements yet but I’m somewhere around 5 1/2 - 6 inches in length.. I’d like to get up to 7.5 - 8. That’s not my main focus really though, after my first time I just can’t get as hard as I’d like.when I’m with a girl I can never seem to get more then a semi.except for my first time, I was fine.and since then I haven’t been able to get as hard as I should be. I know it’s not erectile dysfunction.I’m way too young for that. I think it’s more of a mental issue with me, I’m not sure how exactly how to overcome it though.

I eat healthy, I work out, and I’ve even tried loading up on that enzyte crap.did nothing for me, so I tried taking 3 last night and it still didn’t do shit for me when I was this girl. I’m a good looking guy and I know I could pull a lot of chicks if I wanted to, but I’m inexperienced and somewhat I have some major performance anxiety I think.

Any comments or advice is much appreciated.

Xeminence, I was in your shoes a year or two ago. I’d be messing around with a girl, and when it became time to do the deed, I wouldn’t be able to sustain an erection. It definitely affects you mentally and makes it even more difficult. The way I overcame it was through just simple communication. Just talking to your partner will help ease a lot of the anxiety going through your mind. You don’t have to wow her with penetration every time. Try concentrating on foreplay and giving her pleasure and it will all come together.

Well my first time was memorable because I did not get hard at all.I kind of questioned myself then I found out that I was terribly intimidated with her she was around 19(no lies) and I 16. The only way I overcame it was making a point of knowing the girl(might take you a while), making myself feel at ease.Then I found out I was really for action.Don’t despair we`ve all been there. You can also try going to a psych for counselling (would not be my first option either) before trying any medicine.BTW do you wank a lot.If so might be you too tired or you just accustomed to one kind of simulation only.Then cut down on the wanking.Hope it works out for you.

It may help to focus on your partners physique, and only think about your pleasure. The moment you start thinking about what she thinks you’ll get yourself into trouble. Focus on her breasts/ass/whatever and what you want to do to them. Stay in the moment and breathe with strength.

Sex is often about dominance. Dominance requires self assurance. Know that she is there with you because she wants you and wants to submit to your dominance (these roles can definitely change in the future of course). Take charge by moving her body into various positions, touching her face and body with your penis, and even slap her a little with it. Some times I like to bite. You should also try teasing her a bit (pass your tongue near her clit, but don’t touch it).

Stay on top. Own her sexuality.

I’ve tried most of these, and it seems the more I try to focus on their body the.softer it is. I think I’m going to do some heavy kegels to get me started, can anyone point me in the right direction how to do them properly? I’ve read the newbie manual and I just can’t seem to find it, and theirs no video of it either.

I can see how that would worry you a lot. I have never actually been completely naked around a girl, so I don’t know for sure.. But I’ve had a girl completely naked and stuff, but all we did was foreplay stuff and I was mostly doing it for her pleasure and what not, but I didn’t really even get hard. Maybe like 50 - 60% at the most for any one moment, but it was mostly not hard. I think about it and it sort of scares me that I might not get hard enough when the time comes that I need to be hard. My first thing is that I’m going to stop masturbating as often. I want to cut it back to no more than 3 times a week.

Do you masturbate a lot? I’ve heard that the more you masturbate, the harder it is to sustain erections. If you do, you could always try cutting back. I’m working on doing kegals now as well, they’re supposed to help a lot with having full erections.

I haven’t jerked off in over a month, I stopped watching porn so that is how I am able to do it.but still no luck.

Lately I have been more reckless with my “big log of terror”, in that sense that I don’t care what others think.

So my advice would be that you should just swing it around, and act like is isn’t there. Wait no just don’t care that is there.

If you have seen a movie called eat this? Try that little game they are practising.

And I realize how this can be hard to some, because of cultural background(homophobic tendencies)

But this is just my 2 cents.

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