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Just another noob with some ?'s

Just another noob with some ?'s

I first heard about PE and this site from another web board. I became more interested about PE’ing after a few days of lurking and now i want to give it a try. My LOT is about 5 or 6(Assuming I did it correctly). My EL is 5” and EG 4.75”. My goal is to gain about an inch in EL and EG, which i think is pretty reasonable.
Here is the routine I decided to start out with:

-5 min. Warm-up (hot towel)
-5 min. Manual stretching
-100 3-second Jelqs
-5 min. Warm-“down” (hot towel)
-100 kegals

Next week, I’ll try a 3 min. increase in stretching and 50 more reps of jelqing. And in a month or so, I may incorporate hanging into my routine.

Yesterday, I began with a few trials to see what it was like. Now, I have a few questions. First, when jelqing, using the OK hand gesture, are you supposed to apply pressure only to the CC’s? Second, can you give me tips on stretching? Being that I am a grower, I don’t have much to work with when I’m flaccid, not to mention I have some pretty big hands. I’m just having trouble getting a good grip and I’m afraid to hold too tight because I don’t want to injure myself.

I’m looking forward to learning more about PE.

Thanks for the help.

I had the same problem with the grip, and the following link helps a lot:

How to Jelq

Try some talcum power to assist your grip. It definitely helps.

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