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Just another newbie

Just another newbie

Hi everyone, yes I’m yet another newbie looking for that ever elusive couple of inches that have eluded me. I honestly don’t know how it has taken me this long to find out about manually stretching, jelqing and Kegels. I think it may have been because I’ve always been led to the opinion that *all* penis enlargement techniques are hoaxes designed simply to separate a fool and his money (you all know those e-mails GAIN INCHES IN JUST DAYS!! Yeah right) but by accident one day a couple of weeks ago I found out about PE and I’ve gotten quite excited. At first I was skeptical, but when I stumbled across Thunder’s Place and found a community who were all here for the same thing (and that thing wasn’t to fleece people) I got pretty excited.

First off a little about myself.

1) Age:21
2) Height: 6’5” (Maybe closer to 6’6” been a while since I measured myself)
3) Weight: 120Kg (+ or - 10Kg like I said it’s been a while since I measured myself)
4) Stats: BPEL-5.25” EG-5.5” FL- 3.5” FG-4”
5) Ultimate goals: BPEL- 8.5” EG-6.0” FL-4.5” FG-5”
I have always been extremely happy with my girth, and I know that even though I’m in the lower end of average in length it still a decent size. However, given the fact that I’m taller than just about everyone I know, I’ve always felt that my penis size was out of proportion with the rest of my body. I’ve also always had weak erections, though not to the point of ED and have always had trouble pacing my ejaculations, so Kegels are going to be a big part of my exercise program. I’m plenty capable of sticking to a training regime if I have something concrete to follow, which was why I was so excited when I found such a great newbie routine readily available.

And just one quick question about warm-ups. How hot should the warm-up be, whether you’re using wraps or hot water. Obviously you don’t want to be scalding yourself, but should it be as hot as you can safely bear or just warm?

Thanks for listening guys, hopefully you didn’t get completely bored with yet another newbie coming around and I hope to tell you all in the coming months about my gains! :)

I get the wraps going at just under melt-cock-off temperature and find I need to get two wraps in rotation since they cool down pretty quickly. Whatever you’re comfortable with I guess, just don’t have ‘em lukewarm and don’t burn yourself, somewhere in between there.

Good luck matey, and remember, mind over matter.

Welcome to the Forum Mr Wizard.

Things need to be a little more precise than Don’t burn yourself

A good comfortable warm heat is best . But to a certain extent it depends on what source of heat you are using. Your penis can tolerate fairly high heat because the heat absorbed can be moved on quickly by the blood flow, and that can lead to overheating on the surface. (Usually with things liike infra-red heating. So if the heat is just on the hot side on your legs, that should be about right

But never get it too hot for comfort. It issn’t a pain testing exercise.

Good luck in your endeavours and we hope you make rapid gains.


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Thanks for the info and the welcome! I think I’ve had things about the right temperature and everything seems to be going well so I guess I’m in it for the long haul.

Starting Stats: BPEL-5.25" EG-5.5" FL- 3.5" FG-4"

Longterm Goal: BPEL-8.5" EG-6.0" FL- 4.5" FG-5.0"

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