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Just Another Newbie Saying Hi

Just Another Newbie Saying Hi

I’ve been lurking here a while now,and wanted to finally say Hi.
Me,I’m 31 years old,and my trousergoblin is very average ,6” long but 6” in girth.So I’m really here for the length. Aside from the functional value,my little Welsh Miner would look so much more in proportion,you know?

Now,for most of my life I’ve put “Penis Size” next to Death and Taxes in my box of Tragic Inevitabilities.Nothing I came across on the net seemed overpoweringly convincing either.Every doctor’s column said that PE outside of surgery was flat-out impossible - except,of course,those doctor’s selling pills and pumps.Before I found this site,PE really did look like nothing more than some vast profit-making exercise in exploiting our anxieties.

Thankfully,though,I’ve never had any complaints about size.I think that’s partially due to the girth and the fact my girlfriends were all quite shallow -in the physical sense,I mean,so there was less bumping but more grinding.And all my girlfriends climaxed clitorally.Most importantly,sex was just as much psychological and emotional as physical,and the penetration at the end was just a part of the whole experience.

But judging by some of the posts here,I’ve been lucky to get through emotionally unscathed with regards to the penis issue.Honestly - women can be cruel,nasty little critters,can’t they?Just as bad as we are.Well,I’m single now,size-queens happen,and I want to be adequately armed!

(Although I have to say,even if I did end up with an 8” or 9” Sword Of Justice,I wouldn’t date a size-queen.Never ever.The idea that my worth as a person,in her eyes,was contingent on an extra two or three inches of salami between my legs just isn’t a huge turn-on.Why don’t size-queens simply date actual donkeys and be done with it?All they’d need then
would be a pair of blinkers and a supply of hay…Hey,at least it’s a low-maintenance relationship.)

Uhm,on a serious note.I’ve had a few lady friends who were considered conventionally attractive,and,naturally enough,this was a source of confidence and a large part of their self-image.All the same,they had mixed feelings about their looks,because they were aware,on some level at least,that all it took was (for example) there being a prettier girl at the party,or a bad hair day,or a period of weight gain,or some kind of disease,or a car accident…and all that male attention,which made them feel so feminine and special,would quickly disappear.They realised that species of male admiration was,in the end,as shallow and fickle as it appeared,and I think they resented men in general for that.
I guess some guys might feel the same way about women when it comes to the dick thing.I would.Mind you,let’s see if I can get to 8 inches first and THEN see how objectified I feel.

Still,I do wonder what it would be like,lugging around a truly large penis.To have to buy an extra ticket whenever you ride a bus or a plane.To always get frisked at supermarkets because the store detective thinks you’re smuggling something out of the Deli section.Or just to look in the mirror every morning and smile that huge,dopey,secret,delighted
“Thank BIB I’m hung like a Brahma Bull” smile.At least,that’s what I’d do.:)

Mind you,I’ve no idea what my exact goals are.I’m skeptical the whole thing even works!But on the other hand,the tone of writing here,the lack of pretension and the amount of support shown to one another,is enough to dent my skepticism to the point that I want to give this a try.You guys really are pretty cool,and y’all seem pretty down-to-earth and honest with it.

Anyway,my first goal will probably be getting ANY increase at all.Once I’ve proved to myself that it works,I’d like to add an extra inch.A 7” inch penis won’t impress any guys here,and certainly won’t Wow any ladies who chat here,but I like that size.It’s a good,all-purpose size that travels well.It fits most places and I won’t have to buy new jeans.

That said…If I ever get to seven I’ll be seriously looking at the advantages of eight.No point in limiting your options!

So why am I starting PE?After all,I don’t have anyone I want to impress,and for the moment I’m happy being single.It IS fun to be single - there’s a life outside of relationships and it’s not all early nights and TV dinners.Luckily I like my job and after work I get to exercise and keep fit and indulge my wackier hobbies (I guess I can add PE to the list
now).Life is simple again for a while.’S good,guys.
But for when life gets complicated again…well,I’ll feel much less nervous and afraid the first time the lights go out (or
stay on,it doesn’t matter,I’m as blind as a bat anyway) if the whole “Is My Dingaling Big Enough?” issue is laid to rest once and for all.At the end of the day,if it makes me feel a little more comfortable inside my own skin,it’s worth it,isn’t it?
So it’s kind of a belated Xmas present to myself: a brand spanking new penis!

It bears repeating: if you’re going to do PE,guys,do it for yourself,not for some woman.Because whatever size you happen to be at the moment,there’ll be women out there who already think you’re too big,there’ll be women who will still find you too small,and there’ll be women who won’t care about the size of your dick at all and hate you for a different set of reasons entirely.The truth is that you’re just as likely to be spurned for having atrocious fashion sense or keeping a poster of Vanilla Ice on your wall,even if you do claim it’s for “ironic effect”.

And if that special lady does reject you due to penis-size,file it under the rejections you might get for belonging the wrong race,having the wrong skin colour,not being the right height,not having enough money,not living in the right part of town,driving the wrong kind of car,wearing the wrong style of shirt,listening to the wrong kind of music,etc etc etc.Dude,there’s no end to reasons why people might hate your guts.Life’s far too short to twist yourself into knots over what such-and-such a person sees as your shortcomings.
Okay,hopping down from my soapbox now.

Still,I’m being slightly hypocritical.
After all,I could just learn to live with the size of my dick.It never bothered me THIS much before.But…Nah.
Let’s see how this PE thing works out.:)

Sorry this is so long,but I won’t be posting very often,having nothing practical to contribute.Just a progress report every three months and maybe a bit of opining and pep-talking here and there.

PS. Re: ‘Welsh Miner” - I’m not Welsh.Like to visit Wales one day,though.
PPS. I don’t own a Vanilla Ice poster either.That’s not even funny,dude.
PPPS. You guys rock!


>PPPS. You guys rock! <

You rock, Yippee. Great first post.
Keep posting. It’s great stuff.
“I like the way you talk.” —— Carl


Thanks for saying Hi,Cap.I was really expecting to get hit by a bunch of rotten fruit.:)

Well,when I start PEing in earnest expect a slew of dopey questions about what to pull,when to pull,how hard to pull,whether or not it’s okay to slam my pecker in the desk drawer…

Otherwise I’ll try not to annoy peeps w/ my gabbling.

Is gabbling a word?


Pleased to meet you,Cap.:)

"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

One more thing: if this stuff actually works,or rather works for *me* - I swear,even if I have to sell a kidney,I’ll make some kind of donation to this site.Only problem is that it’ll be in New Zealand dollars,so about $500 NZ dollars (well,I don’t know how much a kidney is selling for,do I) would be -about two american dollars and half a can of coke.Right.And Happy New Year,peeps!

"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Welcome aboard Yippee.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

Welcome mate, assume your post on the bridge.

You’ll always be welcome in my neck of the woods. :)

Genitals prefer Blondes

Welcome, happy gaining!!

Re: Just Another Newbie Saying Hi

Originally posted by Yippee
Mind you,let's see if I can get to 8 inches first and THEN see how objectified I feel.

Yippee, I can see you are going to fit right in here and be a lot of fun. I do hope you post a lot, I am really enjoying your spin. What a great read. But one little piece of advice. Replace the might’s and if’s with will and going to. Don’t leave yourself room to fail, and you won’t fail. I started right where you are, a 6x6 square prop. It has taken years but I have gained. I continue to gain. I am only 3/4 inch away from that 8 you speak of, and I dream of feeling objectified. Anyway, just try to get rid of thoughts that allow you to not succeed, and you will be objectified before you know it! Welcome aboard pseudo Welshman…


"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

Seanjacobs,Citizen245,lex,PirateSteve - Thanks for saying Hi!It’s a pleasure to meet you all.:)

PirateSteve,congratulations on the gains you’ve made since PEing!I’d be over the moon if I brandished a cutless the size of yours.
The encouraging thing for me,of course,is that you had the same starting stats as I do now,and it goes to show what can be accomplished with a bit of tenacity.And you’re completely right about the importance of a positive outlook.It’s difficult to sustain ANY long-term project without a positive attitude.I’ll take that advice to heart!

You know,I agree,it would be pretty cool to be taken home by some rapacious female and callously USED for her own selfish pleasure.It might be a very Himbo thing to say,but what the heck,no brain,no pain…

*Raises glass*Here’s to being nothing but a cheap and easy sex object in women’s eyes!


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, Yippee! Great starting girth size. With just a little more length you’ll be a monster. I really like your attitude, and look forward to posting with you in the future. Enjoy and good luck!

Thanks Stevie!It’s great to meet you.:)

There really is a huge amount of information here to wade through,and it’s fantastic that there are so many experienced PEers willing to help the newbies make sense of it all.Once again,you guys rock!

When I was a teenager feverishly reading Penthouse Forums I was always taken aback by phrases like “raging hard-on”.Now,my penis has never raged once,not in my entire life.It’s skulked,been mildly aggessive,it has sometimes even pouted.However,with persistence and application I’d love to one day join the ragers here at Thunder’s.

And I’ve made that one of my New Year’s resolutions!
I hope everyone here achieves their goals so they can go out and do a bit of raging of their own.


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, Yippee. Man you sound like a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you around the boards. Happy gaining dude!

The Plumber Starting @ 6.5x5 bpe 12/20/03 Now 7.0"x5-1/8" bpel 1/20/04 Goal @ 8.5x6.5 bpe

Thanks benbe5312!Nice to make your acquaintance.:)

You guys are definitely a lot of fun too.I haven’t exactly visited a lot of net forums,and this is the first one I’ve joined,but Thunder’s is easily the friendliest place I’ve seen.Even goofy clowns like myself get a welcome!

Happy gaining to you too!You go for that eight-and-a-half inches,dude!


"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

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