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Just another New guy.


Just another New guy.

I have been reading the forums for over a week and actually started the Newbie Routine on the first night. However, I just officially registered last night. I have quite a few questions, most of which I will hold until I have been able to thoroughly research all the information being provided ( I’d hate to repeat already answered questions).
I did at least want to make a post and or reply or add to existing threads just to get my name up here and not be all stalker like. I am not exactly new to PE as I did try a supplement way back in 2000.. With very minimal gain and a new “mark” on the head of my penis from performing what I now know as Jelqs incorrectly! I decided to start again with PE mainly for my self confidence as we all do.. But I became single but now have a new very young girlfriend (26).. And well after her and I discussed some of here prior lovers (12”, 9.5” and a 7” with what she describes as a 6” girth) lets just say I kinda really don’t even know how to stay in that game! Not that she has ever had any complaints and it’s been over a year.

As stated I did start the newbie routine and she is aware of my program. But I want to gain girth as well as length..

My question is after reading through Uli and Stumpy’s threads.. Where do you guys get the time for 3 a days? I can manage a 10-20 PE in morning that consist of warm up.. About 200 jelqs and stretches.. In the evening after she falls asleep I get up and try to go for at least another hour of hotwrap, as many jelqs as I can get in and after reading Uli #3 I think I will begin it this evening.

Also I added another purple mark to he head of my penis, the 1st from 10yrs ago is just barely visible and now I have another fresh 1.

I did fail on getting my measurements prior to starting my routine last week, I have yet to figure out what the Volume measurement is, and just obtained a seamstress tape measure for girth which I will measure later tonight as well. My current BPFL 5.25” : BPEL is 6 7/16”

I’m just going to welcome you to the forum and tell you this. The odds she has had a twelve inch cock is about a billion to one and the odds she has had a twelve inch cock and a nine inch cock as well is mind boggling so don’t worry about it. If you have been together a year you must be doing something right and finding this place will help. A lot of knowledge on here. If you are in Renton, in the state I am thinking of, then you aren’t too far from me so it is nice to see another local. Good luck and hopefully good gains! Oh and also if you enter your stats then it will show your volume for you relatively accurately. Hope that at least helps a bit.

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Welcome aboard Shredder.

nowhereman is correct. Your girl is unlikely to have encountered such a size of 12” and she probably thinks you are up there with those previous lovers’ sizes with your BPEL. And as you say, she’s been with you for a year, so you are doing something right!:)

A purple mark? Be careful, it sounds like you are over doing things. Your morning routine seems great for a new guy getting into PE, apart from the purple mark- In fact you may be doing too much! Don’t worry about trying to keep up with Uli and Stumpy in terms of their PE regimes. You need to fit PE into your circumstances.

Also, great job on reading the forums and trying to participate. All indicators of success! :)

Thanks for the welcome guys.. Unfortunately, she is a tech junkie and we actually met on the internet.. The same way she met mister 12” and thus there is photo proof.. But on the bright side.. He had ED and was not able to perform very well or very long. But the size is what is kinda intimidating. My goals are reasonable to start with. I would like to get 7.5” BPEL and perhaps 5.5 to 6” Girth.

Welcome and good luck.

I also doubt the likelihood that your girl dated both Mandingo and Lexington Steele before settling down with you. Far more likely it was one of those joke rulers ;) . The best advice I can give you is to start slow and pay attention to declining erection quality. PE is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Originally Posted by Shredder7103
and thus there is photo proof..

Amazing what a difference a camera angle can make. Don’t let wild stories bug you, I personally think womens spacial awareness is way off of our standard anyway. At least, thats what all my female colleague’s cars are telling me.

Welcome, from one new guy to another!


I believe you don’t have anything to worry about from those other guys; everyone can make their cocks look like 10 inchers with the right camera angle, grip, etc. I’ve been with a chick that has had a 9.5 incher, but she said that he didn’t know how to use it and that it was more uncomfortable than satisfying.

Good luck on your PE journey. Keep us posted on how everything goes!

Thank you guys again.. I don’t wanna make this read about some other guy.. But to clarify.. I did see the pic before asking her to delete it.. He was holding it in 1 hand with a can of air freshener up against his unit, looked real enough to me.. But as said before he suffered from Erectile Dysfunction.. Couldn’t keep it up very long or only partially most of the time. But I digress, and just hope by some miracle if I EVER got that big (not my goal by any means) I would be able to actually use it unlike him! HAHA :)

My immediate goals ( figured short term would NOT be a good pun) are 7.5 EL x 5.5- 6” EG.. Long term I think I would stop if training and just do maintenance if I reached 9.5” by 6’-6.5” EG. As noted by many that would just be a weapon of Mass carnage on any unsuspecting partner.

Not trying to start yet another size debate on here again but I will say this and then shut up. A standard size can of air freshener is right on 8 to 8 and one half inches so unless that picture of his unit dwarfed it by a third then he wasn’t 12 inches. I can’t remember the thread but it has been mentioned to compare your dick to objects of known size and you actually will usually be pleased because we men are usually seeing ourselves smaller than what we really are.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

Point goes to Nowhereman High five on that observation.. I never actually measured a can until you mentioned it.. Now on to my training . Haha

Posting this here until at which time I can post it in the appropriate forum.

My current routine is:
Timed at 15 minutes
2-3 min of hotwrap and massaging during the wrap
2 min of stretching
50 wet jelqs after which a vigorous shaking or slapping of the penis against my leg/ stomach
1minute of manual clamp and kegels while clamped
50 more jelqs
More stretching..
At this point I repeat from step 3 on.. Until I have reached 200 jelqs
Then I end with more hotwrap and massage.

Almost identical to the morning but I have also added 10minutes of clamping using a clamp. The timer is not such a factor in the evening. If I feel I can do more, I usually do. The morning timer is more or less so I don’t get too carried away and wind up late for work.

I am currently working on 2 things other than penis enlargement. I would like to have my stats in my post! Still haven’t figured that one out. And I have recently been working on increasing the amount of ejaculate I produce. I have lost volume in the last 14 months. I did read somewhere that Vitamin E does help with this. And also read in another post here that L-Arginine is supposed to help with this, however, I have been taking arginine for quite some time and still have had the decrease. So, If anyone has an insight to the correct existing thread or other advice on any of this I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. You guys rock!

Originally Posted by Shredder7103


I am currently working on 2 things other than penis enlargement. I would like to have my stats in my post! Still haven’t figured that one out. ….

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NVM on the load increasing link.. I was able to find Enigmatize’s thread and I cant wait until payday to try this cocktail out!

Shredder, welcome aboard.
To ejaculate, zinc and lots of water.
Too much zinc is toxic though so be careful.

Also, lots of celery and water, huge loads.

Lecithin also works as does pygeum.
I have found with those two I must take a larger amount and it takes several days of taking them before I start to see the benefits.
When I first started taking them, after about a week or so, I was with a young lady one early evening and every time I came it was huge amounts.
She commented about it the second time since it was on her face and chest!

On the third one, she was dumb struck. I played it off like it was normal, but it sure is fun to cum that much!

Good luck.

12/10, Bpel-7", Mseg-6", Beg-6.3"

07/11, Bpel-7.85, Mseg-6.5", Beg-6.9" My routine and pics here


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