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Just a semi-newb saying hi and such

Just a semi-newb saying hi and such

Well my story is this:

About 2 years ago I somehow stumbled across PE. Eventually, I wound up paying some site money for their program (can’t remember now what site it was). The program on the site called for long workouts of jelqing and stretching with hot wraps. My program (which I stuck with loyal as could be for 6 months straight) consisted of M-F, 5 min hot wrap, 10 min stretch, 35 minutes jelq, 10 min stretch, 5 min hot wrap. Long story short, I did this for 6 months straight and never got any gains in length (if I did it was about 1/8”). After waking up an extra hour and 15 minutes early every M-F after 6 months and still not having any gains, I gave up on PE… until now. (I may have gained a little girth from it, but even if so it’s not much.)

So basically I’m 6.25” NBP, and hoping for 7. If I can get 7, I’m hoping for 8 as my final end goal. Also, my flaccid length is HORRID; would love to have Big Ben’s pendulum swinging around. Sometimes it looks like a little meat-thimble, ya know? I don’t go to the beach or swimming because I’m too embarrassed to wear swimming trunks because I don’t want everyone to see my poor lil’ cap ‘n balls.

So today I ordered a bib hanger. While I was doing my stretching before, I was basically just pulling down and down-left and down-right. I read some of the LOT theories, and am having a real hard time determining where the tug stops for me. However, I reason that I should try pulling up for a spell since pulling mostly down didn’t do squat for getting my beef-pylon longer. Also, I think I was probably over-training in the past. I’m going to do maybe 3 sets of jelqing a week in tandem with my bib hanger. I seem to be a hard gainer unfortunately.

Any feedback or comments are welcome.

Also, I don’t even know what they call it, but where can I find one of those things they sell that puts a mild pull on your ween all day where you kind of wrap it in some thing and can wear it under clothes?

All the best,

Hey MyPatheticDong,

Your story sounds pretty much the same as mine. I got some information from a paysite (for free luckily, off kazaa), and it called for ATLEAST 30 minutes of jeqling 5 days a week, which, since coming here, I found was way too much. I’d do like 40 minutes of jelqing a day and afterwards my penis would actually shrink up a bit because of too much jelqing. Also, the information I had didn’t give any good information on stretching. I also only did about 10-15 minutes of stretching a session, but now I do about 30 minutes. The stretches you can find here are also a hell of alot better. For the past month or two I’ve been doing SD stretches, BTC stretches, and V-stretches (search for these stretches using the search button at the top of the page) and have gained about 0.25” (I’m not sure exactly how much though ‘cause I used to measure improperly). I am pretty positive though that I never gained a thing with the shitty stretches I did before and the 40 minute jelqing sessions.

Now I only jelq for about 10 minutes per session. I probaly would do more, but for the moment I’m only trying to get length. However, 10 minutes of DRY-jelqing (search at top) has kept my erections hard and has also made all the little veins on my penis stick out more, which I think makes it look better. Dry jelqing is also a hell of alot cleaner than wet-jelqing.

I’m also going to try to start hanging, I made a bib-hanger at home. Tonight is actually my first night trying it.

Anyway, if I were you, I’d try some of the different stretches that you can find on this site, other people will help you out with these too. I also almost quit before finding this site and now I’m only 0.5” away from my goal length!

Good luck!

Welcome to the board!

Here’s a thread that might help you determine your LOT a little bit better.

And here’s something that you can do for the pool or beach: get some board shorts and wear boxer briefs under them. Keeps everything flush so you don’t have to worry about turtle dick when you’re prancing around in the water.

Also, what kind of routine are you thinking about doing? Don’t get too discouraged with this stuff. One guy here did PE for 3 years until he started seeing gains (by changing up a few things in his routine). There are many experienced PE’ers here to help out, so I’m sure you’ll get on the right track.

Hey thanks for the positive feedback fellas. Yeah Mick, sounds like we both got nailed by the same crappy site. O well, it’s just time we’ll never get back. Live and learn. The program I’m mentally developing now in my head looks like this so far:

M W F - hot wrap, 15 min jelq, hot wrap
Tu Th Sa - hot wrap, (let boner quiet down), then as much bib hanging as I can (probably around an hour, and probably at upward angles since downward angles didn’t work in the past), then hot wrap

every day while working - daily periodic fowfer (I think that’s what it’s called when you pull your pleasure cable between your legs and sit on it)

Since I also lift weights regularly, I also believe in the importance of taking off a week every now and then. Additionally, being a healthy person in general helps too I believe; getting enough sleep, eating properly, not abusing drugs and alcohol are beneficial.

Mick, what was your starting length, current length, and amount of time getting there after finding this site?

Thanks for the thread and turtle-hiding tip SuperStroker, will check it out now. 3 years is a long time to tug on your mini-me and not get results! I’m gonna devote another 6 months to doing it and hopefully I will have gained something by then.

All the best,

Starting @ 6.25" x 5" (nbpel) (Nov. '03)

1 year goal = 7.25" x 5.45" (nbpel)

2 year goal = 8" x 6" (nbpel)

Hey MyPathetic Dong,

I don’t actually know my starting length because I used to measure improperly. I actually only found out the proper method when I came to this site. I’m guessing I was about 7.5” BP, maybe 7.75”, but I think closer to 7.5” (you know BP and NBP???). Now I’m 8” BP. So I guess I’ve gained somewhere between 0.25” and 0.5”. I think it’s been about 2 months since I found this site. The first few weeks here I just experimented with a few things and then I finally found a good routine. I just started hanging a couple nights ago and it actually looks already like I’ve gained something, but I’m gonna wait to measure.

I’m not 100% sure on this but I think you’re supposed to jelq after hanging to get blood back into your head. I also don’t think you’re supposed to hang for longer than like half an hour at a time, then you jelq for a couple minutes, then go back to hanging. Also, I’d make 100% sure that you know what your LOT is. You probably don’t have to hang upwards. I also stretched lightly for about 6 months and didn’t gain anything, then I came here and gained using the information I found. So definitely find your LOT, ‘cause if you don’t you’ll probably be wasting alot of time.

I don’t know what the hell a fowfer is, but good luck with that.

Talk to you later!

Hey Mick thanks for the tips. I’ll try again to figure out my LOT, although I did try already and have had some trouble determining where mine is. Yes, I know what NBP and BP is. I remember a bit from back when I was into PE the wrong way. I haven’t started yet, still need to do some more reading. I’ll probably begin in another week or two after I’ve read enough to where I can do this without damaging the little bit I already have.

Man, I’d slay to start with a utensil that’s already over 7”!!! You lucky bastard!!


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