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Just a quick question

Just a quick question

Hi all,

I was just wondering if one day on/ one day off is alright or if I should go for two on/ one off because I haven’t gained any length yet in my 2 months of PE, I have gained 1/8 inches in girth though and I’m VERY happy about it, but my main goal is length.

Have you tried reviewing your routine? To me it sounds like you may be jelqing at to high an erection level or you might be gripping too hard when you jelq. Before changing the days you exercise, try changing the things I’ve mentioned as see if that helps.

19th Feb 2012

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It might be worth giving details of your routine g6SS. As kingdingaling says it may be that, if you in fact are dong it. But to be sure we would be better off having your actual schedule.

Every other day isn’t a problem although it might have some effect . The only way to be sure is to change your routine. But until we have more details we would only be guessing.

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Sorry I should have posted my routine. It is actually very simple though, it consists in the following:

5-10 minutes of warm up

One set of manual stretches, 30 seconds each (down, left, right and up)

50 to 60 wet jelqs

5-10 minutes warm down

I was doing 2 sets of manual stretches and 100 jelqs but this week I decided to lower it a bit. I should also mention that I was doing 1 day on 2 days off but because I was too busy but now I decided to make PE my first priority.
I don’t know if the problem might be that I’m doing a very light work out? What do you guys think?

You gained in girth that is great. What is your erection level?

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Sorry for the double post but I forgot to answer your questions. No I am not jelqing at a high erection level, I actually have problem maintaining an erection while jelqing, I think I jelq in a 20%-30% erection level. About the gripping being too hard, I’m not sure, I think I am doing it right but maybe since my dick is kinda soft while jelqing it might be too hard, but I don’t think so.

Your erection should be semi-firm. This would constitute a 50-60% erection level. This is suitable for length gains.

You have weak BC muscles you need to start kegeling. With strong BC muscles you will develop more control of your erection level.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Didn’t thought kegels were that important, thanks for the info kingpole, I’ll start kegeling right away.

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