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Just a question

Just a question

May or may not be a funny question, but is there any way to keep a half erection for extended periods of time?

I remember an Eddie Griffin stand up where he said every guy wishes they could walk around with a half hard dick all the time.

Thought it was funny but also wondered if that was even possible. I took a picture of mine half erect and thought it looked impressive and would like that all the time haha.

I’ll post a pic if you guys want, just let me know.

And any thoughts about the topic are appreciated.

Starting Stats: BPEL : 7.188" BEG: 5.25" MEG: 5.125"

Goal: 8x5.75"


Wear an extender. Your package should be quite visible.

Is there some kind of extender I could safely make for myself? Or a place I can buy one discreetly?

Starting Stats: BPEL : 7.188" BEG: 5.25" MEG: 5.125"

Goal: 8x5.75"

I haven’t tried it myself yet but I heard a cock ring is a good option. Just be sure to use uncommon common sense and not cut off circulation. I need to get myself one.

going out on a limb


Wearing a restrictor (cock ring) for any extended period of time is quite risky. You are cutting off blood supply to your penis. As an example, a rubber band could work as a restrictor. This is one of the methods used to castrate farm animals, and it uses the same method of action. It deprives the testicles of blood flow, hence, they die and eventually drop off.

With a penis, please investigate the word “priapism” to see what happens to the penis when blood flow is stopped.

As to making an extender, I believe that there are directions on this board, but a pre made one would make more sense, and yes, they are shipped discreetly.

Welcome to the board.

Search for the velcro-wrap thread, it could interesting for you.

A metallic cock ring can also do the trick but it is better to remove it from time to time. Be also aware that consistent use of a cock ring can make you harder to achieve an erection when you don’t wear it.

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