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Just a new guy joining in the madness

Just a new guy joining in the madness

Hey all, new guy here. I gave the FAQ/guidelines a quick run through, so hope I’m not making many mistakes.

Anyway, I’ve been in the know about PEing for a few years now, but never got around to it because (a) truth be told, I’m comfortable with my current penis size and (b) because I’m fucking lazy. My life has just started to become more hectic than ever, and I find myself with less free time, so believe it or not I finally decided to start PEing as a semi-hobby (I figure this will make for some good “me” time), semi-workout routine, since the reason I was going to a standard gym (just to stay lean and fit) wasn’t worth the travel/parking/waiting hassle involved. Instead, I’ll focus directly on what probably drives most people to weight-lift anyhow. :D

Confident that I understand the mechanics of the basic exercises and most of the terminology, I plan to start my first session tonight. Doing the newbie routine, which I hope to stick to for as long as possible. Don’t plan on doing anything other than manual stuff, since my short-term goals seem modest.

Assuming I did the measurements right, here are my approximate starting stats, rounded down to the nearest eighth-inch (anonymity is a luxury, ain’t it): NBPEL - 5.75”; BPEL - 6.25”; EG - 5.25”. I think my LOT is pretty damn high, close to 12 it looks like, but I’m not sure how big a role that plays. I’ll probably just do my stretches slightly downward to be on the safe side.

Not bothering with flaccid stats, since my dick is an amazing shape-shifter at that state. I’ll just eyeball that progress for now. Also, those measurements are me at “dirty mag” erection. I’m sure I can push roughly 6.5(nbp)x5.75 if the right woman is present, or if it’s the crack of dawn, but tape measures are never on my mind at either time, and I’m not sure if I should even be using those.

My long-term goals are 8x6 (big but versatile), but my 18 month goals (using college graduation as my first major benchmark) are an inch in length and half in girth. I’m looking to gain more in the length area, so I was planning on doing my jelqs at no more than 60-70%, but if anyone has any alternative or other suggestions for me, I’m all ears. If not, I figure I’ll just get my first post out of the way and make it worthwhile at the same time.

Thanks, and looking forward to being part of the Thunder’s Place community.

Have fun at this, Risico. It’s supposed to be fun.



Good luck man. Just remember to be consistent and you’ll gain.

Every man has moments of self doubt and adversity, but it is what each man does in these moments which makes all the difference.

Welcome to Thunders. :)

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Make that penis crazy!

Started 8/2005 6.25" length 5" girth

Currently 7.25" length 5.75" girth

Final Goal, 8" length 6.5" girth (shou

Welcome Risico.

Once you check into this place, you very rarely get a weekend pass.

Stats: (10/24/04) : BPEL-7.25", EG-5.5" (01/22/07) : BPEL-7.6", EG-5.6" after 1 year of maintenance

Goal: 8.5" L x 6.5" G

The madness welcomes you into its arms.

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Welcome aboard Risico. Consistency and staying with the program are the key elements. Progress depends on you. You will get out of it, what you put in.

Good Luck

This place is rough? I have had late night tea parties with a crazed, toothless bi Polar Margo Kidder which was tougher than here.

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