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Just a n00b starting up

Just a n00b starting up

Hi first time posting on this site and I have always wonder if there ways to increase my size! Well looks like I stopped at the right place, I have always been unsatisfied with my size flaccid and erect.. I don’t know all of your guys correct terms for these yet but ill say what I have learned in sex-ed! ( Yes a teen that actually listened to that crap like 5 years ago!) but flaccid my measurements are about 2 inches and fully erect is about 5 1/2 inches and don’t have a way to measure girth yet but I will soon; thats with out pushing to the bone I’d say I have a good 3/4 of fat there ( give me a break I used to weigh 250 in nov and now I’m down to 220!) But anyways after reading some things you guys are talking about morning erections and random erections. I get the morning wood everymorning.. WITHOUT fail which is kind of embarassing to me and random erections about once or twice a week. I have cut down from masturbation from once a day to once everyother day.. I’m trying to get down to once a week; would all of this be a good or bad sign?

I was originally looking for ways to increase my size and last longer in bed =\ I’m what you would call maybe a 3 minute man =\ Anyways I figured I would be stright forward and introduce myself and I look forward to be soon ( a year or two) satisfied with my size and to get rid of the minute man syndrome!! I think it’s becuz I havent had enough sex and I’m excited as hell when I get it lol. Anyways some good pointers for a noob would help alot. I have already watched all the videos, read about discoloring, read about being easy for the first 2 months, and read on the basic jelq, and streching.. But I havent found anything the HOT WRAP? Would that just be wrapping your member in a warm towel for a few minutes? 3- 5mins? Also when streching do I just strech to a slight discomfort? Or do I go all out like I’m gonna rip it off with 2 hands like in the video!? Is it possible to do the streching laying down or sitting on the edge of a chair? Or must I be standing? I do have roomates so I would find it awkward if they walked in on me with me streching my member buttnaked standing up.

Alright well I figured thats alot to post on my FIRST post I look forward to having a journal soon and helping n00bs like myself in a year or two!

PS. Any more reading that I should do just post it here!

THANKS! And great site!

Hi, Jetli

Reading your first post you seem to got the right ideas.

The hot wrap could be a cloth soaked with warm water or you could use a rice sock (dry rice in a sock and heated in a microwave).

I don’t think you have to stand to do manual exercises. I personally do them whenever, whereever - standing, sitting, lying in bed, in the shower.

Good luck - I’m sure you’ll get loads of good advice from the other members.

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Hey jetli22,

Welcome to Thunder’s. What do you know, another newbie that reads. Bravo. You’ve read a lot which is key to success I believe.

The morning wood and random erections are definitely a sign of good penile health and very normal (don’t be embarrassed, it’s a good thing). The thing you want to concentrate on is keeping them while doing PE. If you start losing the morning wood and random erections that is a sign to you that you may be overdoing it a touch. If you have already read the Newbie Thread, you may want to look over Sparkxy’s PI thread and Bib’s LOT Thread linked in my signature. If you haven’t already read the Newbie thread then start there.

The first and most important thing I will tell you about PE. It doesn’t happen over night. Have patience. PE is a long journey so prepare yourself for that from the beginning. The second thing is that Less is More. When stretching, pull till you feel a good tension (it should feel good, NO PAIN IN PE PERIOD!) We are trying to get a bigger dick, not rip it off.

The last bit I will leave you with is this. You only have one dick. For the love of all mankind, be good to it.

Good luck to you. Glad to have you around. Looks like we’ll be seeing you for a while. You can always tell the ones that will stick it out.


Ya I know patience is needed in this kind of stuff, it’s just like loosing weight or working out it takes at least 2 - 3 months before you should see some results I know this stuff doesnt happen overnite or the average male size wouldn’t be around 5 inches!! Alright I did my first workout yesterday I think I need to work a little bit on the consistancy part because I get a little excited and go fast LOL. Another thing I was noticing for the first time yesterday was that I have a bend mid shaft.. It’s like it bubbles on the left side when I’m looking down at/ more of a lean to the right? Is there anyway to correct something like this? Or is it just how mine was made?! Thanks for the first tips I have to goto work but I will defiently be reading those threads in your sig! I had heard of some talking about the LOT but have no idea what it is.

Also is it good to do the kagel excersice like this, as I go up (jelq) I hold the kagel for two times then I rest for one? Or should I just work it inbetween? And how long should I work inbetween and before each stroke? And how long should I wait inbetween each jelq? Should it be right after the first one or a second or two rest? In the dry jelq vid I watched the guy did it almost immediately after the first one should I work it like that one? Once agian I woke up to my average morning buddy! And there is a slight soreness so maybe I went to much for my first time but something like that should be normal correct? Anyways tanks for the pointers guys apperciate it alot!!


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