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Just a follow up

Just a follow up

This is just a follow up on my gains. I have been doing the newbie routine now for about 3 weeks and unfortunately I haven’t seen any size difference, but I can definitely tell my erection quality and duration have improved. In my eyes that is enough motivation to keep this up. Now on to some questions that had caught my eye. Hopefully someone could shed some light on this. I had seen here on a post about not doing PE at night. Why is this? I am wondering because that is about the only time I can get an hour to myself to exercise.

I think some people think it’s better to exercise in the morning because your testosterone levels are higher at that time, but personally I don’t think that really matters when it comes to PE. I’ve always done my routine at nights. It’s actually easier to keep a flaccid dick for your stretching and not getting to hard to often for your jelqs.

3 weeks is probably pretty early to be seeing measurable gains, but congrats on the improved EQ and stamina! Keep it up, the gains will follow.

I’m not sure what thread you’re referring to, but I can see no reason to avoid PE at night. If that’s the time that works for you, go for it.
Good luck

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Thank you for that. Helps me understand little better.

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