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Just a few questions

Just a few questions

I am a newbie and I just have a few questions if someone would not mind answering them?

1) Instead of using cloth can warm water be used as a heat wrap?

2) If I followed the newbie routine for 2 months, would I probably see a change?

3) Is it better to do just jelqs for length, or also add on jelq squeezes at this point?

4) Is it better to do quick short kegels, or longer ones?

5) Is there a such thing as too much stretching?

I also have more questions but I don’t want to tire everyone out already.

1) A cup of warm water helt against your groin works fine

2) Nobody can tell for sure. People are different, but the chances are you would

3) I’d go with Newbie routine and nothing else until you notice that you don’t get anything more from it

4) Combination most likely. It’s a muscle, and is trained like one.

5) Yes, if you do too much or too hard you might hurt yourself. But doing too much isn’t easy, in my experience. Read the article on PI’s.

regards, mgus

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