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Just a few questions.

Just a few questions.

I am 19 years old and pretty sure I want to do PE, I have some worries and curiosities that perhaps some of you may be able to alleviate.

First off: My girl friend is very concerned; you see our sex life is relatively good. Each of us reach climax every time we have sex, even though my penis is in the upper 5 inch region. She is short, at 5 feet tall and I think this is the reason my penis fits her well. Basically her worries are that the gain in size will not make it possible for her to reach orgasm in sex any more which is really important to her. So my question is this, have any of you been in a position such as this? Has a larger penis proved to be negative when engaging in sex with a smaller girl? Do you think she is just paranoid and in reality she will like it a bit bigger?

Second off: Is it a good Idea for me to consult a doctor before I start a regimen? Assuming that every thing is normal and I have not had any problems with my penis in the past. Also assuming that I will be doing hand exercises with no herbal supplements.

My penis has been a big factor in my confidence all my post puberty life. When I was in high school I was so hung up on having a small penis that I would become very nervous before I would have sex with a new partner. This intense fear of rejection would usually hinder my ability to even achieve an erection. I’m sure this condition would still occur today but I have been with my girl friend for three years so I don’t know for sure. Do you think PE would extinguish this problem?

I am roughly 5.7”BPEL and 5” mid-shaft girth. I would like to reach 7.7 or even 8 BPEL and 5.75 to 6” Girth. Are these reasonable goals? Could I achieve them in a few years?

Also is there any way to improve semen excretions? Basically I just want more to come out for when my girl gives me head, I don’t necessarily want it to shoot out or anything.

Thank you for your time; I have decided to wait at least two weeks to soak up knowledge before I begin, and answers to these questions will help me a great deal.


Welcome to the forum.

The size of the vagina is not related to height and it is an organ that expands to fit the size of the penis entering it. At the moment to you hit her cervix at all when having sex? Maybe not. With PE you will reach and go beyond her cervix to the cul de sac. Thats normally possible around the 7” mark. Sex will improve with that.

Most doctors don’t know about and do believe in PE. We have doctors posting here who will attest to that. There is no money in natural PE techniques so they may even guide you to lig surgery (which is followed by hanging anyway).

If you feel that your penis size causes a lack of confidence then PE may help with that but its only part of the picture.

Your goals all seem reasonable as is the time line.

To improve your ejaculate you really want to be looking at your diet. Eat good food, be healthy that kind of thing. Beyond that you are in the realm of supplements.

Drink lots of water too

1. Your growth will occur gradually and I am sure your girlfriend will become accustomed to it as necessary. Yes, she probably will like it even more.

2. If you consult a doctor before you begin, you may be the first. I think you will be capable of controlling yourself so you do not overdo it. In case you were to cause some minor injury, the penis has remarkable healing capability.

3. Doing PE and growing larger both erect and flaccid has been an ego booster for all and I am sure your confidence and performance will be greatly improved as well.

4. It’s good to have goals. Whether or not you achieve them has a lot to do with how your body responds to PE, because everyone is different, and how long you stay with the program. Learn how to perform the exercises correctly from the start so you get off on the right foot.

5. I think what you are referring to is the precum that acts as a lubricant prior to ejaculation. Generally, the longer you are stimulated, the more precum is generated.

Thank you guys for your help. Originally I was dedicating a few weeks before I start to gain the knowledge needed. However after reading through the forum I think that I am ready to start a basic regimen. I just have a few questions.
__________________________________________________ ____________________
The Newbe routene:
“The Newbe
The following is an outline for a beginner’s routine. This is a suggestion only. Modify it to meet your goals or concerns:

5 min hot wrap
5 min manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
10 min of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 min hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule: 2 days ON / 1 day OFF

Notes: gradually increase to 10 min total of stretches and 30 min of jelqing over about 6 weeks time.”
__________________________________________________ ____________________

With the stretches, do I stretch only downward or spread the 10 stretches out in different directions?

The schedule 2 days on 1 day off, I don’t mind following this but I know some people do it 5 week days and then take the weekends off. This would better fit my schedule. But if it hinders results or increases the chance of injury than I will happily stick with the one stated above.

Last but not least; I have soaked up a lot of knowledge the past few days, I don’t know every thing but I think I know enough to get started and learn the rest wile I am making progress. Do you guys think this is a good idea or should I wait until I have learnt a little more?

The best way to learn is to do. Jump in the water, we won’t let you drown. (Just jump in 4 feet deep though!)

Oh, your questions. The newbie routine is just to condition your cock for all types of PE. Once you get used to the vigors of PE, you can start to specialize and target your needs.

Yes, stretch in all directions. Down, straight out, up, and to the sides, and make giant circles. Well, giant?, as big as you can let’s say!

OK, do 5 on and 2 off. Just do!

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If I stretch side to side up down and striate out that is a total of five stretches. So this would mean two stretches per direction.

Or should I do 10 stretches per direction??

I’m sorry for so many questions, thank you for being patient with me.

I would say count all of those directions as one set and complete 10 sets.

Don’t get too technical on me! Have fun! Nothing is cast in stone with this process.


Luvadus still uses that routine now, its a great base routine.

With the stretches, if you stretch left and right you are using a divide and conquer aproach, effecting the ligaments on one side much more than the other. This makes a lot of sense if you have a high LOT ie you can expect easy ligament gains.

Stretching down below your LOT will also effect the ligaments more than the tunica (the ligs are the weak link) and stretching up will target the tunica.

Once you’ve been PE’ing a while you’ll probably need to add v-stretches or other more intense stretches.

>Do you guys think this is a good idea or should I wait until I have learnt a little more?<

Only you know whether you’ve read enough but at some point in time you have to jump in. There is a disease that is fairly prevalent here called newbieitis where people are so impressed with after session pumps that that work too hard too quickly. To PE effectively you have to work your penis quiete hard but for about the first 2 months your penis will be conditioning to the pressures involved in PE and its good to take it easy until you understand how far you can push it.

They said it all. Just start, and start light. I didn’t. It’s easy to think easy does it at first but, after a week you’ll be tugging and squeezing and bruising. It’s all part of the learning curve. Just remember; You only get one dick, and you have a lifetime to alter it. And it only takes a little bit of bad judgement to cause an injury which will knock you out of PE for a little bit. So start small and work up to finishing big. Pun definitely intended.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

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